Male hair loss solutions

Male hair loss solutions

Men are more prone to baldness, usually androgenetic alopecia is due most to genetic issues while in the case of women is due to hormonal or emotional issues. Daily fall between 50 to 100 hairs, this amount is usually normal considering the life cycle of the hair:

  1. Growth phase (anagen) whose duration is 2 to 6 years. During this period the hair can grow from 1 to 2 cm. per month.
  2. Transition phase (catagen), is a resting phase where the hair does not grow. This phase lasts 2 to 4 weeks.
  3. Decay phase (telogen) in which the hair falls out, and where (a person without alopecia) a new outbreak grows back.

Men are the most affected by alopecia, and therefore there are various treatments and cosmetic solutions that provide special care to hair loss in men. Usually, all male treatments for hair loss based his formula into two components: Minoxidil and Finasteride.

The minoxidil is a product that is applied directly to the scalp to stimulate hair follicles and slow hair loss in men.

On the other hand, the Finasteride mission interfere with the production of a hormone that is related to hair loss. So hair loss is much slower.

In addition to these treatments, there are alternative methods such as hair transplant and other cosmetic products developed by various laboratories that help counteract hair loss in men.

Remember it is important to keep your scalp clean and healthy, free of sebum and dandruff, since the presence of these affects the vitality of the hair follicle. Watch your hair and prevent baldness!

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