Main programs linked to the Department of Health: learn how to participate

Main programs linked to the Department of Health: learn how to Participate

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The Health Department is an organ found in all Brazilian municipalities. Its main objective is to manage health policy in the sphere of the city concerned. In this article, check out what are the main programs on Health Department nationwide.

Health Department assignments

The Health Department’s main functions are planning, control, organization and evaluation of the actions of the municipality in question when it refers to the Unified Health System (SUS). In addition, the agency also acts in the constitution of the NHS and the viability of actions relating to the program.

However, one of the tasks of Health draws the most attention concerns the creation, the organization and keeping programs that encourage prevention of the population.

To learn more about the major programs linked to the Department of Health and how particular thereof, continue reading this article.

Major programs linked to the Department of Health and how to participate

The Department of Health, as we have seen, is an organ of municipal representation. However, some of its programs have implementation in Brazil. Below, check out what are the main ones.

1. Milk Bank

The Milk Bank reflected in one of the largest and most successful Health Department programs nationwide.

Basically, your goal is to protect, promote and support breastfeeding through the collection, distribution and processing of milk. In this program, human milk is processed, goes through quality control, is selected and then distributed to children all over Brazil.

The wife / mother interested in participating can make a donation at any health center of their city.

2. Program Asthmatic Patient Care

Asthma is among the most dangerous diseases in the world, reaching more than 300 million patients worldwide.

Considering the high manifestation of asthma in Brazilian patients, since Brazil is in 8th in the ranking of prevalence of the disease, the asthmatic patient care program was created by the Health Department.

To help, just look for one of the 27 reference centers throughout Brazil for the treatment of the condition.

3. Infection Control

The infection control program is also among one of the most important programs of the Health Department. Your goal is to prevent the spread of diseases caused by infectious agents such as viruses or bacteria.

4. Control HIV / AIDS

Another among the largest of Health programs is to control the transmission of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The main purpose of it is to stimulate prevention, both men and women in sexual intercourse.

After meeting the major programs linked to the Department of Health, how to participate and on their importance for the prevention of the population, their curiosity on the subject must have been aroused. If this is the case, do not hesitate to check the ‘Department of Health’ guide our blog other articles on the subject.

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