Less is more: cosmetics without artificial additives

Less is more: cosmetics without artificial additives

Natural cosmetics increasingly offers more possibilities . Effective treatments for dermatological care and with fewer ingredients synthesis may result in allergic reactions or intolerances. While not all called “natural” products they can reach formulated with 100% ingredients of natural origin certificate, opt for brands that exclude or reduce artificial additives and is a first step.  

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I wish they produced creams and serums names phenoxyethanol. I’m interested in natural products, which reduce the risk of allergy. Thank you!

natural beauty products without additives


absent natural ingredients in formulations

Mediterranean countries  have an ancient culture of the use of aromatic and medicinal plants. With current advances in cosmetology, and this valuable botanical knowledge, you can make the most out of plant extracts for use in cosmetics . Extracts rich in active ingredients which can be incorporated into formulations for skin care. Greek brand  Apivita has been able to successfully manage this philosophy. In their products no place for additives as polycyclic synthetic silicones, parabens, mineral oils, propylene glycols, phthalates or derivatives.


From the Nordic countries , it highlights a relatively new, but with a wide range of body and facial products brand:  Madara . From the center of Europe , Weleda  or Dr. Hauschka are well established laboratories in the field of natural products and cosmetics in particular. This cosmetic ingredients is characterized by BIO certificates of origin, especially plant. All products have very high standards of quality.


natural facial care: our selection

Facial care,  we propose a selection of our favorites based on each phase of the routine care: skin cleansing; nutrition deep layers with a serum; and applying daily cream.


  1. For cleaning , Weleda 100ml gentle cleansing milk would be suitable for all skin types , even the most sensitive . Cleans, removes makeup and protects the natural moisture in one step. It contains sesame seed oil and jojoba oil, which are nutritious and balancing. Distilled witch hazel has a soothing action. In the morning, if you prefer a deep cleansing of the skin but without the cleansing effect, we can use  Madara cleansing foam 150ml. Its texture is light, frothy, and also contains soothing extracts like Damascene rose and calendula. Guys, can be used aftershave.
  2. The deep nourishment with serum is an essential step between cleaning and application of treatment cream. The skin is prepared for further processing and the deeper layers are fed. Apivita Bee Radiant Brightening Serum 30ml is the serum for skin and need an antioxidant care extra, plus combat dullness thanks to vitamin C and blueberry. Hyaluronic acid hydrates and propolis extract (always present in the formulations of the mark) protects against environmental aggression. Madara cell reparative 30ml sérum is designed for mature skin in need an effect firming and wrinkle more intensive. Birch juice and Nordic plants are your best allies.
  3. As a daily creamMadara Time Age Miracle Cream 50ml Defense of complete care moisturizer and wrinkle of serum. For mature skin. Weleda cream day smoothing normal skin 30ml dry rosehip is a basic that can not miss if you have sensitive skin and prone to dryness. Ideal for times of change of time, sweet almond oil and rosehip are a balm for dehydrated skin.

For each type of skin, there is a natural choice for care. You just need to find out what brand or routine convinces us more. We can give up the parabens and silicones, but not to show off a nice and neat skin! If you have doubts about what type of product is the right one, we are here to help. Happy week!

Disclosure: The information in my articles and in private consultation responses is independent character. I make recommendations based on the technical information and professional judgment itself and not receive any incentive to highlight some products over others. I thank all readers who ask for the selection criteria applied and encourage you to continue sending your questions and comments.

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