Learn what the Intermédica covenant can do for you and your family

Learn what the Intermédica covenant can do for you and your family

Hiring a health insurance guarantees medical care when necessary, protecting you and your family. For those seeking a comprehensive and quality service, the Intermédica covenant is a great option.

Relying on its own and accredited network with different qualifications, it offers a great structure to meet all the needs of its beneficiaries and ensure the safety sought with this type of contract.

In this post, we’ll explain how this agreement, what are the plans offered and the differences that make this company to be a safe alternative for you and your family. Read on!

As the agreement Intermédica work?

The agreement is offered by NotreDame Group Intermédica (GNDI) which was founded in 1968, is headquartered in São Paulo (SP), and consists of three units:

  • NotreDame Intermédica Health;
  • Interodonto System Dental Health;
  • RH Life Occupational Health.

The service is done through its own network and accredited in accordance with the specifications and scope of the contracted package. With more than 3.6 million beneficiaries, Intermédica offers options plans and services to various profiles, in order to maintain the quality of life and well-being of their clients.

The rules of the plans are in accordance with the standards of the National Health Agency (ANS), which must be observed by all operators of health plans.

The ideal is to have the assistance of a broker to do the quotes and see which plan option and service is best suited to meet you and your family, finding the most cost-effective.

What are the plans available?

The performance of Intermédica agreement is mainly with corporate health plans , ideal for companies who are seeking improvements in managing the health of their workers and family.

Individual and family plans are offered through collective versions for membership are available to people who already have academic training and have connection with any trade union or professional association.

Plans can be purchased in various forms, according to the contractor’s needs:

Smart plan

This line offers a full service, local or regional scope, and can be hired with or without co – participation. It can be hired in two modes: ambulatory and hospital with or without obstetrics.

Advance plan

The Advance line guarantees the nationwide coverage of care, including the options to choose the specialist of your choice, assistance in domestic travel and repayment options. It is also offered in outpatient and inpatient mode with or without obstetrics.

Premium plan

The Premium package brings a call with more diversified options, including different values repayment in Brazil and abroad, as well as assistance to national and international travel.

It offers coverage that are not required by ANS (National Health Agency), as the Immunization Program for Vaccines . This plan is offered only with outpatient and inpatient coverage with obstetrics.

Infinity plan

The Infinity line offers the most complete services, with toppings and prevention programs to diseases with national service. In addition to the line differential premium, it also includes coverage for heart transplants, lung, liver and pancreas.

With excellent options in your accredited network, the Infinity plan is marketed in the outpatient and inpatient coverage option with obstetrics.

What are the advantages of Intermédica covenant?

The Intermédica agreement offers several advantages to its beneficiaries, ensuring an excellent service to all its customers. Look:

Wide network itself

The GNDI has its own network of 17 hospitals, 70 health centers, 20 emergency rooms and 10 units of preventive medicine, and also rely on a provider network, ensuring comprehensive care to beneficiaries.

integrated management of health and preventive medicine

The three units that make up the GNDI guarantee the integral management of health, offering the most complete solutions to customers. In addition, the Group is a pioneer in the creation and implementation of preventive medicine programs, which aims to improve the quality of life by encouraging health care and the adoption of healthy habits.

For this, the Intermédica has units prevention with adequate infrastructure to conduct high-risk care and high complexity, plus the following programs:

  • Assistance Program for the Elderly (PAI);
  • Support Program for Patients with Chronic Diseases (CAP);
  • Safe Pregnancy Program (PGS);
  • Preventive Premiada (PP);
  • High Complexity cases (CASE).


The interodonto offers dental care for beneficiaries. She has customized plans and special coverage, according to the customer’s needs, with accredited network on a national level and urgent care and emergency 24 hours.

Provision of the service is done with a single benefit management system while maintaining quality control of the treatments performed, seeking constant improvement of maintenance of oral health of customers.

Club advantages

The GNDI has an advantage club and exclusive discounts for beneficiaries, giving access to various products and services to provide well-being and quality of life. Are included several categories, including:

  • food;
  • online shopping;
  • trade and services;
  • education and courses;
  • entertainment.
  • medicines.
  • dental products.
  • health and wellness;
  • vaccines.
  • Thus, those who have the agreement Intermédica guarantees, as well as a wide coverage of health care, many benefits offered by partner companies.

RH Life Occupational Health

This is a targeted segment for the management of Medicine and Safety, with national presence. It features customized solutions for companies in order to provide a healthy environment for employees. For this, the Group offers the following products:

  • Ergonomic Analysis;
  • Disputed Social Security Epidemiologic Technical Nexus (NTEP);
  • Internal Commission for Accident Prevention (CIPA);
  • Outpatient management;
  • Management and Absenteeism Cut off;
  • Technical Report of Environmental Labor Conditions (LTCAT);
  • Hearing Conservation Program (PCA);
  • Vocal Conservation Program (PCV);
  • Control Program Occupational Health (PCMSO);
  • Program Environmental Risk Prevention Program (PPRA);
  • Training related to Regulatory Standards.

Solidity and tradition in the country

With nearly 50 years of experience, the Group has established itself as a leading company, with solidity and tradition in the country when it comes to health. The company offers support to beneficiaries, personalized support, quality of life and greater security to patients.

Thus, with so many advantages, rely on the Intermédica covenant is a great alternative for those seeking a quality company and excellent service at the time of hiring a health plan .

So like this post? You are interested in signing the agreement Intermédica? So take the time to do a quote from your health plan !


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