Learn how to sleep to lose weight without losing your health!

Learn how to sleep to lose weight without losing your health!

Eliminate the extra kilos seems an overwhelming task for millions of Brazilians who are overweight or who seek to feel happier with their bodies.

To achieve this goal, you must create a routine physical activities and have balanced meals. However, the truth is that there is another extremely important point that should be noted: it is necessary to sleep to lose weight healthy.

Experts in the field of nutrition and sleep medicine concluded, through a series of studies that sleep quality is directly related to weight loss.

In this article, we’ll talk more about what science has to say about weight loss during sleep and explain why rest is so important to our  health . Follow!

Why sleep to lose weight?

As you may already know, it is during sleep that produce a range of hormones essential for the proper functioning of our bodies. When we deprive the body the right amount of rest, just to affect this hormonal cycle, which will impact directly on our appetite, stress and level of concentration.

To prove the theory, the program “Trust me, I’m a doctor,” the BBC British Channel, decided to convene four volunteers. In the small experiment, three people were constantly interrupted in their sleep for a baby doll, while only one of them had a full and well-rested night.

The next day, all underwent a varied breakfast. The group could not sit for at least seven hours, made more caloric choices or ingested a larger amount of food than the volunteer who had complete rest.

How lack of sleep can disrupt?

With studies and experiments, it was necessary to go deeper into the subject and find out what was the lack of sleep is an indication of increased body fat. The clue to this answer we’ve given a little above: the hormones.

Scholars claim that disrupt sleep affects the production of hormones closely linked to hunger: ghrelin and leptin.


Also known as “hunger hormone”. Produced by the stomach, it sends a stimulus to the brain where the person needs food. As we eat, the concentration of ghrelin also decreases and the body receives the information that we are satisfied.

Research has shown that individuals with insufficient amount of sleep eventually produce more ghrelin than normal, which causes an increase in appetite.


Leptin is produced by our body when it has reached stage 3 sleep, known as deep sleep. It is a hormone that signals the brain that your body has enough reserves. Ie usually ends up inhibiting appetite.

The problem is that when little sleep, the secretion of this hormone is smaller and its control of satiety is inefficient. This makes we can not identify when we are satisfied.

With this we have both an increased appetite and impaired control of satiety, so the result could not be different: more difficult to lose weight, or even spend to gain weight.

How much should I sleep to lose weight?

For most individuals, between 7 and 8 hours of sleep are enough for the body to rest, producing the right amount of all the hormones essential for their full operation.

However, there are people who need more hours of rest, just as there are those who can reap these benefits in less time. Therefore, the ideal is that the person observe and find out what is your need.

To find out, just do a simple exercise. At bedtime, let your body rest and do not set any alarm. Upon waking, you will have seen the amount of sleep needed to feel good.

If you have time scheduled for awakening, however, the ideal is to always try to sleep 15 minutes before you are used to, until awaken before his watch and not feel tired.

How much can I lose weight to sleep well?

The American doctor Michael Breus, author of Sleep Diet The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan , states that this amount also varies from person to person, but there is a basic rule: each of the stages of sleep must have at least 90 minutes.

As there are 5 stages, the ideal is to sleep on average 7 hours and a half every night. Moreover, it is necessary to wait for the body to adapt to the change in sleep schedule, which can take up to 30 days.

Also according to the expert, the person who can keep the quality of sleep for a whole month, you can delete anything less than 7 kilograms.

How sleep acts on our health?

In addition to helping us eliminate the extra kilos, sleep is also important for all our health. The Clinical Nutrition Department  HealthNOW Sunnyvale Health Center in California found that people with mild sleep or sleep poorly, produce less NK cells (Natural Killer).

Released during sleep, they are important cells of our immune system: help fight toxins, infections and even cancer cells. To be released, it is necessary that our body produces melatonin, a hormone secreted only in the deep sleep phase.

Remember that melatonin is known as the anti-aging hormone or anti-cancer hormone. Its main function in the body is to induce sleep, and help fight some diseases.

Another important aspect relates to the problems caused by excess weight. Among them is an increased risk of cardiovascular disease , type 2 diabetes, hypertension , sleep apnea and depression. So sleep well will help you maintain a healthy body, and to prevent a number of diseases.

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