Learn all about Amil health insurance!

Learn all about Amil health insurance!

Health care is essential, after all, it is related to our quality of life. On the other hand, do not always rely on the country ‘s Health System is a viable option, and particular treatments may have high prices. To avoid such situations, you can rely on a health plan Amil .

The service offered by the company ensures quality health care for times of need. Want to know more about the health plans offered by Amil? So keep reading this post!

How does the health plan Amil

The health plan Amil can be hired throughout the national territory, in addition to activities abroad. Created in 1978, today the company has more than 6 million customers, with a market reference.

The company has the largest network in Brazil itself. In São Paulo alone has the Paulistano Amil hospitals, Victoria, Alvorada Moema and Metropolitan.

By doing the hiring, we must comply with the grace period provided in the contract, ie, a period in which even you can not use certain coverages.

This deadline is established by the National Health Agency (ANS), but can vary according to each plan, provided they comply with the limits laid down by the body, which are:

  • urgencies and emergencies, grace period of 24 hours;
  • not premature births, lack of 300 days;
  • diseases or pre-existing injuries, grace period of 24 months;
  • grace period of 180 days for other cases.

Amil has some advantages in relation to need, allowing in certain situations the client enjoy the reduced grace period. So it is important to quote with a company specialized in health insurance, which you can check the options for your profile.

Types of plans available

individual or family plan

These health plans can be employed by a person over 18 years, less assisted by a legal guardian or family mode, including the holder, spouse and children under 24 years.

business plan

The corporate health plans have regional or national coverage and are meant for small and medium – sized enterprises, seeking to offer the best value for money for these hires.

corporate plan

For large companies, Amil has the corporate plans that offer an accredited network formed by professionals from various specialties, with coverage throughout the country and the differential needed to meet the profile of these customers.

Amil Dental

This segment focuses on the dental care of patients, with 24-hour service and regional or national coverage. With the plan Amil Dental , the contractor will include:

  • a wide accredited and qualified network;
  • repayment plans;
  • clinics for emergency care 24 hours;
  • immediate online authorization for covered treatments.

In addition, this plan can be hired for individual, family or corporate form.

Advantages of the health plan Amil

Hire a health plan Amil creates several advantages for the contractor. The company offers medical and dental plans, as well as several different services to assist its clients at various times.

The plans have several options, allowing the care of all profiles, needs and budgets, serving individuals and businesses with a quality service.

Accredited comprehensive network

Amil has certified professionals across the country, ensuring a wide service coverage for all its customers. To enable the customer to have access to the best option for your profile, it offers its plans in different ways:

  • Amil 200 (regional, SP);
  • Amil 400 (national);
  • Amil 500 (national);
  • Amil 700 (national).

The main difference between these modes is the amount of accredited suppliers, ie the higher the number, the more clinics, hospitals and laboratories are registered to attend the customer.

In addition, the plans can be offered with or without co-participation with the private room option (apartment) or collective (ward), seeking to meet the needs of each client.

differentiated services

The health plan Amil also offers different services that can be hired to ensure an even more complete service to its customers. Meet:

Amil Health Rescue

This service provides an air medical transport system, with units that rival the mobile ICUs, with ambulances, helicopters and planes with modern medical equipment to ensure the best care to patients.

In addition, it has trained professionals to various procedures, including high complexity.

Amil Total Care

Aimed at patients who need special medical care, this service includes the performance of medical centers equipped with a framework for diagnosis and treatment of adults with chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure, and provide prevention and rehabilitation programs Amil.

Amil Assistance multitrip

For those who make international travel, this service guarantees medical, pharmaceutical and dental abroad, inter-hospital medical removal and repatriation. In addition, the contractor will have financial assistance in case of lost luggage.

Postural Correction Unit (PCU)

These units specialize in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of postural disorders such as back pain, herniated discs, scoliosis, kyphosis, etc. READ

The treatment is not limited to cure or alleviate the problem, but seeks to identify their causes to work on body restructuring, with more modern equipment for physical therapy and surgery.

Risk Patient Management (GPAR)

This system seeks to identify people who have a higher risk of developing chronic diseases, classifying and monitoring multiple patients, following all the medical progress in order to provide improvements in health and quality of life.

How to choose the best plan

To choose the health plan, you first need to identify your hiring profile: individual, family or business. It is also necessary to analyze the coverage and the necessary services, accredited networks, the type of accommodation and the inclusion or not of co – participation.

Knowing what your profile and what their needs are, analyze the cost-benefit of each option contract, identifying the one that will ensure that you and your family are supported when they need it.

For this, the ideal is to rely on a specialized company , which works with the health plan Amil – as Buddy Health – which has qualified brokers to understand what their needs and indicate the most appropriate plan for your profile.

He was interested in hiring a health plan? Then contact us and make a quote! Our experts are ready to answer your questions and help in the search for better employment.


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