It looks perfect feet … also in winter!

It looks perfect feet … also in winter!

Autumn begins and, like every year, plays resave in the closet those sandals that have accompanied us throughout the summer and rescue boots and closed shoes but … who said that in winter we were to neglect our feet?

Moreover, it may be that after the summer months, we note our much more dry and damaged feet. Therefore, we must spend some time each week to care for and pamper our feet.

Today we offer a number of tips and tricks that during the cold winter, your feet are so soft and pretty as during the summer months.

  • Follow moisturizing your foot s with specific creams for this part of the body. You can use it at night and wear socks to enhance the effect.
  • Go to a beautician to do get a peeling , or if you prefer, do it yourself at home.
  • A good peeling home: Mix lemon juice with salt fat and massage your feet with the mixture.
  • A “outmoded” practical are the peelings with “kissing fish” : it is dip your feet in a tank while a small minnows are eating the dead skin, helping skin regeneration. The results are excellent!
  • If you have sore feet, immerse them in warm water with salt to relax.
  • If after a day of work your feet are more swollen than usual, mantenlosdurante 30 minutes on high to improve circulation.
  • Takes good care of your nails : límalas and usually do not leave them too long, because with a closed shoe may find uncomfortable. The best: cut them straight and round them with a file.
  • The pumice is your great ally to end corns and calluses. Always keep it handy as you shower!
  • Closed shoe can cause sweating and smelly feet: use a deodorant to feel more comfortable and cool.
  • If you have not too cold, take the opportunity to go home barefoot . After a busy day, your feet will thank you !

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