Is it worth working ONLY with medical insurance?

Is it worth working ONLY with medical insurance?

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The health insurance companies quickly popularized since its inception. Initially, stands out, they were very attractive to doctors! Considered as the best option also among the patients attended promptly in its most basic and elementary needs, this market segment has saturated causing unfortunately the complete change this scenario before so positive.

Brazil has faced numerous problems in its health system and public or even private, complaints have grown exponentially reaching everyone from users to the professionals, among others.

In this context, what was the solution, now nothing more than a catastrophic aggravation.

Complaints related to health plans have called the attention of the entire Brazilian society. What once was to be a bridge, able to expand access to quality health care, today ends up being just another big headache for much of the population.

Dissatisfaction is complete and clear! Users who pay monthly high values ​​complain about the delay in appointments, the lack of quality in the service provided and the growing difficulty of finding specialists who meet the contracted plan.

On the other hand, doctors and other health professionals complain of poor working conditions, since the amounts transferred for care are woefully inadequate and insufficient to be maintained any minimum standard of excellence.

As it turns out, working with health insurance companies left, therefore, to be something overwhelmingly advantageous and therefore many questions arose about whether to accredit or not the plans that are available.

This is also a recurring question in their day to day work? In this article we will talk exactly about some of the main aspects when making this important decision. You know what are the main advantages and disadvantages of attending to patients coming from health insurance carriers?

It’s time to put it all on the scale to find your ideal answer to this question!

Therefore, first we list some of the most alarming data and industry figures who contribute to the choice about attending or not health insurance. Look:

Some data and alarming figures on health insurance

The medical career and areas associated with it has been the dream of many people over the decades. Because of this, and the increasing opening of new jobs, colleges and courses directed to the segment, is visible rising professionals in this field.

Eager to put into practice all that has been learned in the classroom and also motivated by financial returns of the profession, the vast majority of doctors brings to market quickly serving in hospitals in shifts in public and private networks.

But the main purpose of the absolute majority of these professionals is undoubtedly open the doctor’s office! And this is a step and both career. Determinant for the entire working life of the doctor.

Structuring life along the projects and the business is a task that deserves close attention to work! Take accurate way of decisions is the first step to success!

In this context arise the first doubts. become certified or not the health insurance companies to start the work of the office, or clinic, it is clearly one of them.

Today, it is estimated that at least a quarter of doctors and health professionals do not meet these plans, accepting only private consultations.

This alarming fact is the result of a survey conducted by USP’s School of Medicine in partnership with CFM – Federal Council of Physicians – and the Cremesp – Regional Council of Medicine of São Paulo State.

In the same study it is clear that the remaining 75% of professionals who still attend conventions, has devoted less time to their day to day for such consultations, allowing considerably less space for this job.

While charges from R $ 200 to R $ 1,500 reais a particular query in a big city like São Paulo, the harsh reality of the amounts that are paid by the covenants is highly contrasting: Hardly queries receive payment more than R $ 60 reais!

The choice of non-compliance to the plans has been the outlet for those who need to prioritize quality of life, profitability and stability. The following topics discuss the main advantages and disadvantages to meet health insurance in his office.

Keep an eye to make the best decision for your business and your life!

Main advantages of attending for health insurance

Of course, not everything is bad, and at certain stages of the professional life of a doctor or health care specialist can be really important part of at least one covenant.

This need is felt, especially early in his career, in which his name is not as well known or sought as a reference for appointments.

The booklet, or as it is called, “catalog” of doctors and specialties offered by health insurance to its users is an important and effective marketing tool in the life of a health professional, responsible for attracting patients into the business.

If you need to start your customers chart, become certified can be a good alternative!

Getting customers is the first step in the life of any professional, be it any area or segment! In health, have a follow-up of the same doctor over a lifetime, or phase, is one of the patient’s wishes and this is easily explained.

After all, who does not like a more personal service, all personalized, it is not necessary to be telling all hospital history every new query?

Accept health plans is also one way to always have patients in the waiting room. The market, despite many crises and shocks, also has a very significant number of paying agreements and, therefore, hardly you will not work on a daily basis.

Also, meet the health insurance is one way to fill time on the agenda!

Many professionals have worked precisely with the reserved spaces and times for plans of care and another for calls to particular queries. A balance that is well structured can indeed bring many benefits for everyone.

The volume of patients end up being one of the most decisive factors at the time the professional chooses for its accreditation to a health plan.

In addition to the future customers welcome these catalogs, it is important to highlight the possibility of raising so many others, expanding the list of calls due to statements made by patients who are already being met.

Of course, to succeed, there is no magic formula, but provide quality, efficiency and commitment are factors that determine without doubt the progress of the business.

Disadvantages of care to health insurance

Unfortunately, as we talked about throughout this article, there are serious flaws in the medium covenants networks and these are the main responsible for the deterioration of this service was once highly esteemed and well accepted by everyone involved in this relationship.

The main complaint is clearly of doctors and responsible for offices and clinics that do not get enough return to meet the needs and expenses of their profession with the tiny portions that are paid for each service provided.

Live off the service agreements is a reality impossible today!

According to Dr. Varella Varella, the numbers are even more alarming than those mentioned earlier in this text! There are medical plans that pay R $ 8 to R $ 32 reais per query. An incredibly low average of R $ 20 per service.

If you take a minute to make a quick calculation soon conclude that with small change is impossible to maintain an office and still have some sort of profit.

Also, to have a minimum acceptable income, the doctor will need to work in double and triple shifts, attending mass in a few minutes. It is because of this all constantly hear people complain that were doctored or forwarded without at least the professional has looked in his face!

And more: If this was a common complaint before to hospitals and public offices today are recurrent among private models too!

Not only that, finally, the bureaucracy and the delay in the receipt by each consultation and examination are also great demotivating for health professionals seeking to weigh the pros and cons when it comes to be accredited.

It is difficult, too, to the office or clinic from receiving for some time or other patients and all this without further explanation.

Of course, there is much to improve when we treat the subject health insurance!

And now? It is worth considering for health insurance

In the face of all this was part listed, you may have made or reaffirmed its position on the subject. Now I ask you: Are you ready to make this decision?

Of course, the best alternative is to work with the particular, but this is not always feasible and sustainable in the long run so consider the need to reconcile such calls may be the ideal choice!

It is very important to understand that, at present, to ensure their place in the market, the health professional should always be updated and investing in actions that increase the visibility of your clinic or office, through a marketing strategy and a good service and relationship with the patient.

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