Is it worth working in the SUS – Unified Health System?

Is it worth working in the SUS – Unified Health System?

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The Unified Health System (SUS) was created in the 80’s in order to promote the comprehensive, universal and equal access of the population in all health care models, from outpatient to performing surgeries. According to the National Health Council, the program is one of the largest systems political health of the world because it determines the free access to health.

Not only public bodies and entities may have access to the SUS. private institutions can join the program through agreements and contracts directly with public life. As doctors may choose to deploy partnership with the NHS in his private clinic or even work in public health centers exclusively offering this type of service.

What are the advantages that the NHS offers?

The SUS offers several advantages, one of them is the fact that the same be also be responsible for the health surveillance, which ensures secure access to both professionals and patients. Every health facility should account for their care and promote internal audits to assess whether the actions are generating a quality service.

In regulation, the NHS should monitor the health care of the Brazilians. Satisfaction questionnaires patient care are asked to assess what needs to be improved in this area in order to prevent mortality and illnesses rates, as international organizations are always attentive to public health indices that promote the external image of Brazil.

The public system also offers advantages to doctors

The doctor also has benefits when working in the system. The professional can have freedom to work both in the public system, as in your own office. In addition, the NHS provides the physician the right to annual recess 30 days. Salaries vary according to hours worked and consultations in the week.

SUS is also beneficial because all departments are responsible for the care of each patient. This contributes to that the patient can have full access to treatment only in the system without looking for other institutions. Thus, the patient has access to multidisciplinary care that can aid in the diagnosis of a pathology of the patient. They are professionals of different specializations examining differently. This contributes to refinement of the treatment and can also correct possible misdiagnosis.

Of course, the NHS still has some weaknesses and needs advances to grow as major infrastructure investments. However, work on the system can be advantageous and rewarding as it contributes to everyone, regardless of economic, racial or religious class, access healthcare.

The Brazilian public health models have advanced in recent years. There are several highly equipped public hospitals that provide high quality care. Workers join from public contracts that guarantee a high renumbering and workload of just work.

Regardless of your decision to work or not in the SUS, the main objective of the current health professional is to open your own practice and be free from dependence on agreements and other government programs.

Regardless of the path chosen is important that the health professional sees his office as an enterprise that need strategic attention. You have to invest some of your time to plan actions for dissemination of practice and increase the quality of care.

Invest in a good management can impact on results rather than the office offers you every month. So it is important to start thinking about investing in technology to centralize all office processes – administrative, financial and strategic – in one place: a management software and marketing for offices.

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