Is it worth hiring the NEXT Health agreement? Check out!

Is it worth hiring the NEXT Health agreement? Check-out!

Having a health plan today, considering the sad reality of public health in the country, it is essential to ensure access to medical care faster and quality. Unforeseen happen, but the more you can prevent is to not get caught by surprise, the better. Especially when it comes to health.

In the absence of the plan and before any disease, you have two choices: rely on the NHS and wait for hours, days or even months to be served, or resort to private care, which, in most cases, cost “through the nose “.

There is no doubt that choose a health plan is the most secure and smart option. But which health plan to choose ?

There are many options available in the market today, and in front of all of them, it is normal that this question arises. Do not worry! We, the Health Buddy, we can guide you in this decision, presenting a plan that, in addition to having its own network and accredited a lot of quality, fits perfectly in your pocket. Nor does it seem true, but such a plan exists.

We are talking about the popular plan of Amil, the agreement NEXT Health , and we will explain to you now why we consider a great deal to sign him. Understand!

The choice of the ideal health plan

Choosing the right health plan for you and your family is not an easy task. At the time of the decision, certain factors need to be taken into account. Before deciding which plan to hire, you should consider all your needs and select the one that fits them.

The grace period is a point that deserves attention because, depending on the urgency, the patient can not wait long for service. Therefore, even at the time of hiring, look for an explanation of the grace periods for all procedures

Consult the ranking of the operators in the National Health Agency ( ANS ) is another very important tip. Through it, you can know the situation of these companies with regard to the services and customer satisfaction. So do not make your choice without first taking a look at ranking .

Being inside of the procedures that a health plan should cover is another way to not be deceived at the time of choice. All services to be met by operators, including consultations, tests and procedures, are listed in Roll Procedures and Events Health , created in 1999 by the ANS.

The agreement NEXT Health

Well, as we talk about some of the key information necessary when hiring a health plan, we can now go straight to it: why, among so many options, we suggest hiring the agreement NEXT Health?

First, it is noteworthy that the NEXT is the former Seisa Health, a mark of Amil Group, the largest healthcare company in Brazil, and United Health Group, one of the most important health groups in the world. With 40 years of market, NEXT Health is a focused plan for residents of regions of Guarulhos, ABC Paulista and São Paulo capital, where are concentrated their service units. Among them, Carlos Chagas Hospital, one of the largest and most comprehensive in the region.

Synonymous with excellence in health promotion, the now defunct Seisa was the first health medical care in the region of Guarulhos and also the first to acquire the ISO 9000 quality certifications, National Seal INMETRO and RvA International. His plans always guaranteed an attentive medical care, with a selected network and close to its customers and beneficiaries, providing distinctive and decisive care.

Since that led to the NEXT, a major investment in management improvements and the service has been made, such as the revitalization and relocation of some own network units, health centers, emergency and first aid in Guarulhos, in order to provide more agility, comfort and convenience in consultations and treatments. The goal of Amil is to turn a plan that was already very good at even better.

other advantages

By having as its main focus the C and D classes, NEXT offers plans with much more affordable prices than competitors, but the excellent relationship between cost and benefit is not the only advantage of the plan.

Who hires a health plan or in addition to a good price, clinics, laboratories and hospitals close and qualified service. And that’s where another great news: the network offers a unique service unit to its beneficiaries in the Guarulhos region, with more than 100 beds, four operating rooms and 10 ICU beds equipped with the highest segment of the technology.

Already clinical centers located between the cities of Guarulhos, Aruja Itaquaquecetuba and offer efficiency and quality service exclusively to the beneficiaries, without neglecting also the comfort in the reception of patients. The plan of the client will have access to emergency rooms, outpatient visits and laboratory tests, in addition to rely on professionals from all clinical specialties.

And all this without having to travel many kilometers, as all service options are on the customer’s region within reach. After all, the proximity is what sets the NEXT Health, a plan created in order to ensure efficiency and quality of medical care.

Types of plans

In addition to individual and family plans with and without co – participation, NEXT offers also the SMEs plan , especially to meet the needs of all levels of small and medium enterprises, and the corporate health plan , complete for the protection of its employees. All this so you can take care of the best way the health of your family or employees of your company.

To choose the ideal corporate plan , we need to consider factors such as number of employees and the profile of employees (age, needs, etc.). It is important to remember that with the minimum of two lives, it is possible to hire the NEXT business plan and save considerably on the final value, just that the customer have a Tax ID to register.

Now that you know all about the advantages and facilities in signing the agreement NEXT Health, please contact one of our representatives by telephone (11) 4328-8880 or request a quote on our site . In our team, we have trained and constantly updated to always provide the best care for you, either individual products or companies. Come to NEXT!


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