Is it possible to get a discount health plan?

Is it possible to get a discount health plan?

The Brazilian health system is facing problems for many years, resulting in slowness and lack of quality care. Therefore it takes part of the population to purchase health plans to ensure effective and quality care. Today there are many insurance values, but you need to research to find a good health insurance at a discount.

Although health is a factor of the utmost importance, some people do not have the patience to wait in line at the Unified Health System (SUS) and can not always find a safe that fits in your pocket, neglecting his own life.

Here, we separate 7 tips to get find the health plan with great discount for you and your family, spending only what you can. Stay with us!

Search for a health plan with discount

Just like any product you want to buy, the health plan must be researched thoroughly so that you can find discounts and affordable values. Some carriers have rebates on individual plans, family and even business plan where using the CNPJ of your company you can include family members as dependents and get a great discount.

You have to consider the cost-benefit of each plan, understand the coverage each and additional costs that may have.

Choose the best option for your needs

You need to keep in mind what are the services most used to choose the best option. Some insurance provide regional and national coverage by ensuring access to care in other cities and states. In addition, emergency assistance may cover specific services, medicines and even cosmetic procedures.

However, its cost may be a little higher, and may also occur increase in tuition. So it is important to research what the needs of your family and the procedures that can be included or will be charged as extra costs. This information you can get researching and contacting brokers.

Stay tuned to the coverage area of ​​your future plan

According to the National Health Agency (ANS), the call to emergency care outside their usual location is only required if it is stipulated in the contract. No service is required outside the geographical coverage area if there is any contractual clause that guarantees this right.

For beneficiaries who often travel frequently, this is a detail that makes a big difference. Having a plan that does not provide assistance outside the state can generate problems and expenses that were not scheduled. Also, ensure quality care for users of the agreement, regardless of where you are, it is an advantage to be grasped by its cost-effectiveness.

Contact a broker

Talking to professionals is the best way to understand the subject and choose the best safely. In general, health insurance documents rely on in – depth knowledge and at that time, to contact a broker can make all the difference to help in the understanding of the plans offered.

A professional can also help you evaluate your needs completely. Collecting family data, habits and medical histories, he can find the ideal plan, avoiding unnecessary spending by the lack of information and ensuring security at the time of contracting the service.

Re-evaluate your plan to have more savings

After some time of use, you can see what are the health services most used by you and your family and may thus re-evaluate your plan and try to further reduce spending. Consultations, examinations, emergency care and other services can not be so utilized as imagined.

In these cases, you can review your current contract and depending on your situation, choose the coparticipativo plan . This mode has a lower monthly value and the user pays a portion of each procedure performed.

On the other hand, the coverage plan without participation is more suitable for people with small children or the elderly who need constant monitoring or tests. Your monthly have a higher value, however, the examinations and necessary procedures will be included at no additional charge to be collected.

Analyze the need for a health agreement

An alternative for those who do not want to wait for NHS care, but would not want to spend on health insurance are the popular medical clinics. Are clinics with quality medical appointments and tests and charged per visit and the cost price.

Its disadvantage is that most of these clinics not perform surgeries and complex tests. Having a plan of good coverage is to ensure more benefits to their health and their families .

One must take into consideration that, in addition to consultations and examinations, health plans also include emergency care, surgical procedures, specific treatments, side dishes and even some cosmetic procedures. So, keep in mind that goes far beyond the economy with appointments and tests.

Negotiate the health insurance values

You can purchase the perfect plan for your health and your pocket negotiating the agreement. At first, understand the benefits of each mode and what best fits the requirements of your everyday life.

After you choose what best suits you, it is time to know the adjustments annual and trade them if necessary. Some increases are made by majority or from accident.

It is important to understand why these adjustments, because most users abandoning the use of health agreement is not aware and do not seek to know the purpose, just missing the plane and the chance to trade it power.

Did you follow how it is possible to find alternatives to improve care health without spending more than it is feasible. Information is the best way to hire a health plan discount, unpretentiously a quality service that can serve you in times of need and emergency.

Was this article helpful? You plan on doing part of an agreement and would like to know what the best plan for you? Please contact us and ask your questions! Our staff is ready to help you!


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