Is it different to work for a medical or other covenant?

Is it different to work for a medical or other covenant?

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Every health insurance provider works in a logical and therefore there are differences between working for yes over and over. That’s because, according to research related to the subject, today there are companies that pay from R $ 12 to R $ 72 per medical consultation, which means that you as health professional, can raise more or less, depending on the company in which it referenced. But the differences go even further, given that there are operators focused on different types of care.

So if you plan to meet the health insurance companies, the ideal is to analyze the Medical Guide for each of them in order to know what can be more advantageous for your clinic. There are health insurance providers, for example, offering only business plans, while there are others who also offer individual plans, family and membership. That is, there are several differences between working for a health provider or another.

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It’s different working for a health insurance company or another?

As stated earlier, there are health insurance providers who pay more professional, while there are others who pay far less. In general, one can say that companies that charge more for their health plans, such as Bradesco Saúde, Amil and Unimed are those that pass highest values ​​to the accredited health professionals, while smaller operators, which offer more affordable plans usually pass on values ​​that make them very dissatisfied doctors.

Other differences relate to the public served by the health plans as there are operators focused on business service, while there are others that offer individual, family, partnership, university and collective (for membership); and also the benefits they offer for physicians, given that there are operators that provide specialized service channel at no cost marketing materials and other benefits at the same time there are companies that charge more for such services.

How to choose (s) best (s) health insurance carriers to the clinic?

To be a referenced health providers that may be advantageous for your clinic or office, it is essential, first, know the characteristics of your target audience. That is, do an analysis of the profile of their patients to know which companies agreement they are beneficiaries, mostly. The next step is to see what these companies offer and cater for them is really a benefit to your clinic.

As previously mentioned, it is an accredited of the largest operators in the market can be something really advantageous for the doctor. However, this rule does not apply to cases such as experts who realize that their patients, mostly beneficiaries are small operators (regional, state, etc.), which is quite common in capital cities and regions. Be sure to make this analysis before entering into partnership agreement with any company.

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