Importance of CNES in Brazil

Importance of CNES in Brazil

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The CNES is the National Register of Health Facilities and needs to be done by all public, private and insured, whether legal or natural person. The first step is to contact the local manager as the Municipal and State Health.

It is interesting to read this legislation in the CNES site in Institutional / Legislation option. There are all FCES chips to fill plus a manual that guides such padding.

Importance of organ

The CNES is of utmost importance to society and the medical profession.

The goal of the agency is to provide public and private managers knowledge of the health care network, capacity so that they can take assertive decisions and plan from a health care mapping. Moreover, the CNES also integrates the information systems of the Ministry of Health, provides control of funding that MS transfers to the infrastructure of health facilities, help in the management and decision making on the National Health System.

It is a complete tool for assessment of health facilities in Brazil, regardless of whether they are private or public. This is essential for audits, which verify the compliance and use of the sites.

In addition to a database CNES presents information such as structure, number of beds, among other points that support projects and health management actions. Logically, for this CNES need constant updating to actually fulfill its role.

CNES applications

The Register also has applications that facilitate the processes in health facilities.

• SCNES – Local application: this application makes the capture of municipal and state data. Also, you can access the registration and maintenance rules set by the Ministry of Health. Both responsible for establishing when health professionals can access, as well as Sponsoring, management / administration and Teams Family Health.

• It also adds the WEB CADSUS information, makes the updating of information through the Internet, export information daily to the offices and MS, among other important functions:

• SCNES – Simplified: With less functionality than the previous one, this application allows you to export to the Municipal Department of Health and the Department of Health, aggregates information from the National Health Card, allows registration Establishments Office Isolated NO SUS.

• CNES – NET: has the updated data of the registered historical basis and transmitted to SCNES and National BD. There are sub-areas for each professional, as the local manager, national manager and public area at the CNES site. The local manager allows the exchange of management, makes registration of establishments, historical query professionals, database calls, among other actions. The national manager area can register users, membership programs, sure hospitals and historical professional consultations. In the public sector you can query establishments, teams, professional, registered managers, among other actions.

All CNES applications to facilitate the processes and records in medical establishments.

Going beyond the bureaucracy …

Despite the concern with the CNES to be extremely relevant and necessary, manage a practice goes far beyond documentation, numbers and bureaucracies: stay ahead of a project of this magnitude involves many other issues that can not be neglected, as the administrative, strategic and financial’s office.

You need to understand who is managing an enterprise that need strategic attention and therefore the marketing should be part of your business vision. In addition, the financial control office to be discharged so that you clearly understand the return that is having on investments it has made.

Handle all this alone is not easy, after all, you still have dozens of care a day to accomplish. This is where the technology: you can use it to automate most of the actions necessary for the proper management of office, financial control, digital marketing and relationship with the patient.

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