How tryptophan influences your mood

How influences your mood Tryptophan

The tryptophan  affects your mood, not for nothing is known as the amino acid humor.  It is an essential amino acid, which means that only obtained through food. Tryptophan acts to release  serotonin , the happiness hormone, so it is so related to our good humor. The lack of tryptophan  can cause us decay, moodiness, irritability, sleep problems, lack of pleasure, etc. This is because its benefits are many and we need to keep a good pace of life and good attitude.

Where is tryptophan?

Unlike other substances such as collagen , tryptophan we can not create ourselves and we get food that we provide. When we consume tryptophan, the body absorbs and changes to convert serotonin. The amount of serotonin in the brain can affect mood.

Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that we need to incorporate through diet, some foods rich in it are: eggs, chocolate or hazelnuts. Usually with a balanced diet and tryptophan we ingest necessary for our good performance, but there are situations that can cause a lack of this amino acid. For tryptophan levels are correct try to eat:

  1. The fish and especially shellfish are rich in tryptophan, included in your meals shrimp, cod, tuna, snapper, grouper, scallops, sardines and salmon. More good and healthy, impossible.
  2. Poultry, such as  chicken  and  turkey.
  3. The pork . Yeah, well, you eat lean, doubly healthy.
  4. Although meat and animal proteins are the foods rich in tryptophan, there legumes   like peas, chickpeas and black, red beans and soy also provided.

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Tryptophan benefits:

  1. Serotonin released . This neurotransmitter is what gives us sense of happiness and well – being , why it is so important that we do not lack tryptophan and can maintain correct levels of serotonin.
  2. It increases the pleasure . In addition to feeling good, it also helps us to feel pleasure , and without their proper functioning would not get the response of satisfaction of our brain.
  3. It helps you sleep well . This amino acid also plays an important role regulating the sleep-wake cycle and that adequate levels of tryptophan help us sleep better and sleep more easily.
  4. Weight control . Production of serotonin can help prevent anxiety attacks and cravings , so will help you avoid eating too much

If you’re feeling a little despondent can get a food supplement that naturally turn serotonin and vitamins related to your metabolism, which helps you to improve your mood. If you are considering using these supplements, follow the advice of a specialist forever.

So do not hesitate, if you think your mood is down or have sleep problems may be due to a lack of tryptophan, increased intake of foods rich in this amino acid , or you can even fix the problem faster with food supplements. Let nothing erase the smile off your face!


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