How to whiten yellow teeth without going to the dentist

How to whiten yellow teeth without going to the dentist

In a society where aesthetics and personal care are the order of the day, have a smile listing is for many people one of the objectives to be achieved. But sometimes it is very frustrating that despite washing teeth every day and follow a strict oral hygiene ritual we can not get our teeth all we want to look white. At this point, perhaps we should examine what we are doing wrong. Factors such as snuff or coffee consumption may cause our teeth look ugly and yellow because they contain pigments that stain the dental canaliculi (intermediate tooth tissue).

Why you can get yellow teeth?

  1. Coffee or tea
  2. Smoking cigarettes. Nicotine is continuously leaving residues between the teeth and is affecting their color.
    Thinning aging tooth enamel. Over time teeth become yellow by enamel wear, especially if not properly care have.
  3. A poor diet: processed foods with high acid levels, sweets or some fruit.
  4. Excessive fluorides, especially during childhood.
  5. Use of antibiotics. Tetracyclines antibiotics have such side effect as deterioration of tooth enamel. It is very common in children.
  6. Genetic factors. Genetic load defines the color of our teeth, as other factors such as hair or skin.
  7. Bad dental hygiene habits. This influences a lot about the possibility that the teeth catch a yellowish color.

To maximize efforts to maintain white teeth and recover their natural appearance, then we reveal some tips:

  1. Watch what you eat. Follows a complete diet so you do not stay hydrated no vitamin and missing. Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, such as carrot, apple, because they are natural tooth cleaners.
  2. Reduce foods and beverages that can stain teeth. If you look at your daily diet, certainly consume a product that stain your teeth like coffee, tea, red wine or cola.
  3. Whiteners. There are dental products that help keep your white teeth like whitening toothpastes, whitening strips, gels, etc. Use them!
  4. Regular brushing with fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash use, notice that does not contain alcohol as it affects the tooth enamel. It is important not to allow the accumulation of bacteria, tartar or any accumulation on the root.
  5. Replacement toothbrush. Toothbrushes should be changed regularly, as their bristles after frequent use lose functionality and fail to perform a thorough cleaning. When you notice that the bristles are too far apart or open mean it’s time to renew your toothbrush.
  6. Proper brushing. You must invest no less than 3 minutes to brush your teeth and do it with circular and lateral movements to reach every corner of your mouth. The best way to brush your teeth is to place the brush at 45º gum and gently rub. Do not bear much pressure as you can damage the enamel and gums.
  7. Clean tongue. Clean the tongue to brush teeth, it bacteria that cause bad breath and other oral diseases are also housed.
  8. Floss. Use it to remove food debris between your teeth and improve your oral health and your breath.
  9. Avoid snuff. Nicotine and tar containing snuff collides with teeth to smoking and is smearing.
  10. Visit your dentist at least once a year and become a professional cleaning to remove accumulated plaque.

Whiten your teeth at home

Although we do not know in your home you have products that can help whiten teeth with very little effort.

Sodium bicarbonate.

Using sodium bicarbonate to brush teeth can reduce staining and helps clear plaque buildup it is one of the most effective natural remedies. But, monitors, must do more than once a week to prevent erode the enamel. By combining this product with regular brushing you will remove teeth stains easily. Of course, try not to use it in conjunction with toothpaste, you could increase its abrasive effect.


In addition to containing a source of nutrients for the body, this citrus functions as a natural bleaching agent and a powerful disinfectant.

If you lack time and are looking for something quick or immediate solutions, today there are many products that can help.

tooth whiteners.

Use toothpastes have bleaching properties specifically because they can diminish the appearance of stains such as those caused by snuff.


To ensure full and effective hygiene, brushing is not enough. Use a rinse to lengthen and strengthen the whitening effect of your teeth thanks to its anti-stain action antisarro, anticaries bleach and repair.

bleaches pencils.

They are not abrasive and also help to whiten and eliminate stains with just a few taps. They are ideal for travel or purse because they just take up space.

Teeth whitening kits.

There are kits that include all the necessary products to whiten teeth.

whitening gum.

In addition to remove any residual food, stimulates the production of saliva, the acids responsible for reducing yellowing teeth.

By following these guidelines will get your teeth well as whites are healthy and cared for. So do not forget to smile!

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