How to treat acne among teenagers?

How to treat acne Among teenagers?

In nearly 80% of teenagers,  teenage acne  occurs during puberty. We talked earlier about home remedies to combat juvenile acne  but today we will focus on the various consultations that we would do a dermatologist, because they are professionals face day to day acne problems .

When we talk about acne problems we can think of many questions such as the difference between oily skin or acne – skin or what remedies are most effective for treatment. Sometimes we get advice from what has worked for a friend and does not always work. Therefore, the importance of following the advice of a dermatologist .

Diagnostic type of acne

  1. It is important to regular monitoring of adolescent acne . Look at your face and your back, because acne makes them fat and skin pores become clogged. Inflamed pimples often appear with acne.
  2. After observation, professional dermatologist will know how to treat your acne problems . Since not all teens have the same degree of involvement, it is essential to know before what kind of suffer acne .
  3. The acne in adolescents can have different degrees of severity, from occasional injuries to other very swollen and extensive. This can affect your confidence, especially if you do not you’ve tried before and suffer for many years. A frequent error that says dermatologist among young patients is the “abuse” of its grain, which can leave scars. According says the professional, the intensity varies depending on the time of year, increasing markedly in the autumn.

Dermatologist’s advice

  1. I explain to my patients what the acne so they can understand what they are for treatments ;
  2. I always emphasize the need for regular monitoring. Prescribe topical combinations to reduce the formation of pimples (adapalene) treatments and antiinflammatory effect and antimicrobial (benzoyl peroxide). Depending on the type of acne an oral treatment (antibiotics) for effectiveness, it is sometimes necessary. For very intense and tough suggest acne treatment isotretinoin.
  3. Acne can be “comedoniano” type: When the pores are clogged and many “comedones” (pimples) and microcysts are presented. In this case, the skin needs a dermatological cleaning . Microescarificación treatment, painless, on the surface of the skin is performed to reduce pimples and microcysts. This favors the effectiveness of treatment.

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