How to prevent and avoid blisters

How to Prevent and avoid blisters

Blisters appear on our skin because of the continuous rubbing of the skin with another surface such as footwear or some stitching and a T – shirt, for example. This friction causes the skin a protuberance liquid between the epidermis and dermis is formed. Before the appearance of the blister, the skin is redness and / or stands.

Blisters arise when our body detects that the skin has been injured . Damaged skin remains on the surface, the blood carries liquid with nutrients necessary to create a new layer and, if curing is carried out correctly, the blister disappears giving way to the newly healed skin .

Blisters may appear on anyone: occasional runners who make the road to Santiago, someone who debuts shoes … But the most affected are athletes, those who perform mechanical work with your hands and the military.

Precisely the latter led the military Dr. Grant Lipman to wonder how he could avoid blisters of their recruits. I knew the paper tape was effective and wanted to prove through a study. He caught 128 runners who had registered in the race Racing The Planet 2014, a ultramarathon six stages and 250 kilometers.

Lipman and his team bandaged one foot of each corridor in areas random or if they had a history of blisters in those with a tendency to suffer from them . 109 runners completed the study, those who abandoned him, said that the tape was not too sticky, however, Lipman said that a stronger glue could take off the top cover of a blister.

Only 30 of the 128 runners developed blisters and sores suffered 81 in areas not bandaged, which means an efficacy of 77% of paper tape . In addition, the dressing with the  adhesive tape 3M paper  made lowered the incidence of blisters runners responsive to the appearance of wounds by 40% previous areas. Another feature of this adhesive paper is that its adhesion increases over time , which makes it suitable for sensitive skin.

The advantages of microporous adhesive tape are manifold: easy to get and to use, inexpensive and hypoallergenic. If you have a marathon , in short you start a pilgrimage or you have to brand new shoes, do yourself with paper tape and nothing stop you!

If there is no turning back and blisters have appeared, you must keep the area clean and never revientes a blister because it will be more likely to be infected and then you should see a doctor. If buster alone, keep the area very clean.

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