How to hire a health insurance without a need?

How to hire a health insurance without the need?

One of the main qualities of a health plan is the ability to enjoy the services without having to wait for a minimum period – the so-called lack of time. At the time of hire, it is preferable to choose one without grace covenant to purchase a plan that does not provide full coverage from the first moment.

However, this expectation can be a bit frustrating, since much of the plans available in the market only offers all the services after a few months of employment. Still there are some possibilities to hire a health plan with no grace period. You know what? If not, check out this article. Here we explain all about this plan mode and how to get it!

What is the time to lack of health insurance?

The grace period is the period of the health plan contract, the date of the service contract date, within which the beneficiary is not entitled to use all the services offered – such as conducting clinical tests or more complex surgeries.

Each plan can have periods of different needs each other – but regardless of any contractual provision, none of these terms may exceed the limits established by law.

The legislation governing health services states that the contracts signed from 1999 follow the following deadlines for the grace period:

  • 24 hours for urgent cases (health complications and personal accident) and emergency (serious injuries and situation of immediate risk to life);
  • 24 months for diseases and other existing lesions (with only entitled to temporary partial coverage);
  • 7 working days for basic queries, such as internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, dental surgeon and obstetrics;
  • 14 days for consultations in other specialties;
  • 21 days for complex procedures (CAP);
  • 10 business days to care in hospital-day basis;
  • 21 days after elective hospitalization for service procedure;
  • 300 days for deliveries related to pregnancy from the 38th week (except premature births and resulting from pregnancy complications);
  • 180 days for other situations.

To know from where you can enjoy all the benefits of the plan, it is important to check the contract to know the covenant of grace periods.

How to get an agreement without grace?

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find agreements with no grace in individual or family plans in the market. Offer contracts with no grace period for individuals is not economically interesting for operators. Such a situation can be compensated by the absence or reduction of the shortage in some procedures – but still, only on special occasions.

Even with these limitations, there are some alternatives that you can hire a new health plan without having to wait a minimum period to be served. Are they:

business health plans

Many market operators only offer partnership options with no need for so-called corporate health plans . Offered by the company as a benefit to their employees, most of the time these plans have no minimum term to serve its insured.

By determining the ANS, business agreements that have 30 or more participants no longer have lack of time – even for pre-existing conditions .

Already plans with less than 30 participants may require the fulfillment of the grace period. However, this is not a rule – you can find in the market business plans to extend this advantage already from 10 participants.

Thus, even for business plans under insured, the shortage can not exist. In such cases, the exemption depends on the type of plan that the company hires.

based health plans

You can also find agreements with no grace period in the collective health plans by accession. This type of plan is hired by corporations and for groups with common interests – such as associations, councils, professional groups, trade unions and professional associations.

How to make the agreement portability without grace?

Another possibility to join a new health plan without having to go through the grace period is the agreement portability .

This situation is specific only for members who already have a health plan. If he wants to switch from one plan to another plan, you can make the transition to the new contract without fulfilling time of need request.

Conditions for portability grace

There are certain conditions to make portability. The transfer from one plane to another with a grace period of exemption can only happen if the insured:

  • change a business plan for an individual and collective levels of adhesion;
  • changing a collective level of adhesion to another or to individual plan;
  • change from one individual to another plan or a collective plan for membership.

Portability can be even for the same operator plans, but should always take place between equivalent plans or a larger value of plan to another of lesser value.

There is also limited as to time limits. In order to migrate plan, the beneficiary must:

  • have the health plan contract signed after 1999;
  • have fulfilled the lack of the original plan;
  • be in the original plan for at least two years, when the first migration and there is some pre-existing disease;
  • be in the original plan for at least three years, when the first migration and there are any pre-existing disease;
  • be in the original plan for at least one year when not the first migration.

In addition, the beneficiary must be in compliance with the covenant fees, having to present proof of payment of the last three months to request the transfer.

special grace portability

You can also get the portability of special grace, granted in exceptional cases, without depending on the types of contract and conditions of the plans. It may be required when:

  • the agreement of the owner passed away and leave dependents participating in the plan;
  • the operator hired bankruptcy or have its registration canceled by the National Health Agency (ANS);
  • the business plan beneficiary is dismissed without just cause or retire.

lack of reduction

Even if the insured does not meet all the requirements for portability with a grace period of exemption, it is still possible to at least get a reduction on time. When migrating plan, the holder may request a smaller shortfall in his new contract.

Acceptance or not will depend on each carrier, but the standard rules to achieve that kind of advantage are:

  • both plans need to be regulated by ANS;
  • the special agreement must have at least 6 months of the original plan;
  • have canceled the original plan in a maximum of two months;
  • have compatibility between the two plans.

From this, one of Addendum Deficiencies reduction is signed by the operator and the consumer at the time of hiring, formalizing the reduction of needs in accordance with what has been negotiated.

That take care with agreements without grace offers?

One must be careful with plans to offers for individual offering zero grace, especially when the offer is focused on certain procedures – such as births and surgeries.

There are many brokers in the market and malicious companies that sell plans of this type through illegal maneuvers, such as fraud and forgery ties to companies.

How to evaluate the contract before hiring a plane?

In the end, it is important to always check very well the terms of the contract before signing to know how the lack of the plan in question.

Also, do not forget to always consult a reliable broker and research a lot before closing a good deal – even if it is not an agreement with no grace period. To learn more about it, check also how the purchase shortage in health plans . To the next!


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