How to get more populated and natural eyebrows

How to get more populated and Natural Eyebrows

Having the thicker and bushy eyebrows is marking trend nowadays . Eyebrows look with personality and a nice way greatly improves the appearance of the eyes , getting a more expressive and seductive look. But unfortunately, not all have been lucky enough to be born with bushy eyebrows. Still, we can apply some small tricks in our makeup routine to get them . Interested to know? Here you count.

Watch your eyebrows

When it comes to looking good, the care and maintenance of the eyebrows is fundamental. It is the face of the most striking and also define your appearance and personality . Everyone is different, the important thing is to find the shape of eyebrows that best suits according to your face.

Steps to a more populated and natural eyebrows

Now if we look a more abundant eyebrows, what makeup tricks to get there? Take note!

  1. Delimits your eyebrows. To see what length is appropriate, use a pencil and measures an angle of 45 degrees from the outside of your nose through the outer corner of your eye to the eyebrow. They must end at the point where the pencil intersects the outer corner of the eye.
  2. Brush your eyebrows. With a brush or makeup brush, brush the eyebrows up. First from the thicker and then towards the end part, so you can see how much of your eyebrows is more irregular. BETER-BRUSH COMB BROW will help you separate the lashes to highlight them , thanks to its fine spikes and nylon hair.
  3. Use a pencil to his eyebrows. Now, use a brow pencil to set the shape. It’s best you employ one which is similar to your tone (blond, brown or darker) and fill those less populated areas . Choose the color you like these pencils, Brooklin Automatic Eyebrow Pencil N4 Capuccino Color and start coloring. In addition, there are some templates that will help you So get these are, BETER Tweezers + TEMPLATES FOR EYEBROWS !
  4. Powders applied. After filling eyebrows with pencil, apply a little powder of the same color (or a more intense, depending on your tastes) and defines the way you want. Could be a perfect Impala brow powder Color Mocca N1 .
  5. Fíjalas. For despeinen and not bear with the way you have given them, you can use a product fixative eyebrows , usually gels (transparent or colored) that will help keep them longer perfect.
  6. Delineates your eyebrows with powders. The last step to get a thicker, dark, bushy eyebrows is highlighting them in your face. With the aid of a soft brush, apply transparent powders and brush around the perimeters of the eyebrows, tracing its shape had defined. This will further define the edges and look dazzling.

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How to grow eyebrows?

If you follow these steps in addition to your makeup routine to have a perfect look want to look more natural, follow these tips:

  1. Stop using tweezers or other hair removal methods until you grow thick eyebrows you want
  2. Exfoliate eyebrows with some exfoliating sponge or soft brush
  3. Consume adequate nutrients. Food can also influence the growth of your eyebrows. A balanced diet will help you get it .
  4. You can also follow up with a special serum to promote growth , you know what’s best? Lilash Librow sérum stimulator eyebrows !

Now you know how to get a perfect look to your eyebrows makeup, and fashion Follow sports a stunning look!

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