How to fight migraine

How to fight migraine

The migraineurs pictures should be diagnosed by a specialist , because they are a type of neurological disorder characterized by severe headache and other discomforts such as nausea and vomiting. The person who suffers, often knows when to produce a migraine episode because you notice any kind of visual or sensory disturbance that precedes the episode  (called “aura”), but does not occur in all cases. It is not easy to live with it, sometimes you have to resort to  specific medication to control it . But it can have an impact on some triggers  that are within our reach: stress management and proper nutrition . Thenutritional supplements can be a support to drug treatment.

Question: I suffer from chronic migraine and want to know what healthy eating habits and support conventional treatments. Thank you very much.

The acute stress can promote a picture of migraine in people with genetic predisposition . This does not mean that 100% of cases is so, but it may trigger in two out of three people with migraine trend. On the other hand, some eating habits irregular conduct that abrupt changes in glycemia (blood sugar levels) may also favor the crisis. So:

  1. We will try to rest enough hours during the night (8 hours, if possible), maintaining a well – established schedules without abrupt changes.
  2. We try to play a sport that we like or relaxing activities (tai chi, yoga , gentle stretching, mindfulness, etc.) to relieve physical and mental stress, and contribute to our well – being.
  3. Avoid , as far as possible, submit to sudden environment (high temperature contrast, atmospheric pressure according to the altitude, etc.). Acclimating better go, if we can.
  4. In terms of food , some foods are not recommended: the chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa, wine red, the cured cheeses , the seafood or sweeteners like aspartame . The alcohol , less is better.
  5. The hydration , as always, is important . Drinking enough water during the day (1.5l), especially in summer.
  6. Some dietary supplements have proven useful to strengthen us against stress and help counteract some mechanisms involved in the development of migraine attacks. The magnesium is perhaps the most important because it is involved in many bodily functions. There is a general lack of magnesium in the population, so take it in supplement form is a good idea. In periods of fatigue and hard work, we can use it.
  7. Antioxidants such as coenzyme Q10 also show positive effects for spacing migraine attacks. The minimum recommended daily dose is 100 mg / day.


Although power is not totally eliminate the symptoms of migraine, we can help to space or minimize its intensity through healthy habits. It is a matter of implementing them?

Happy summer and until next time!

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