How to enhance the skin effects of moisturizers

How to Enhance the effects of skin moisturizers

Moisturise the skin is essential to keep it healthy. Apply a moisturizer is basic, but it must be done in a proper way so that the nutrients in it sink into the skin. In addition, the dermis must be clean and cleansed, otherwise the use of moisturisers will not be effective. Another important point is to know what type of skin you have to know what hydration is the best for you. Today Naomi tells you how to enhance the effects of skin moisturizers.

The most important thing when applying moisturizer is to get this into the skin effectively. There are several factors that can hinder or prevent. So let’s look at some tips to enhance the effects of skin creams.

  1. Dead cells and dirt that accumulates in the skin generate a kind of waterproof layer that prevents any cream that we use to penetrate effectively. To avoid this and enhance absorption we will always make sure first of all be well cleansed skin with a specific makeup remover to remove all makeup and then use a facial cleanser as a micellar water to clean any dirt that might be.
  2. In addition there is also something very important that is exfoliate the skin or make regular peelings , but not worth doing anyway. It must be done with a maximum frequency, ie; normally once a week skins and sensitive skins once every 15 days. It is important to do respecting these deadlines because otherwise instead of tuning the pore, what we will thicken the skin and make it harder this again, preventing creams can penetrate it properly.
  3. The amount of product applied must be fair, neither too much nor fall short. Skin absorbs only the amount of cream needed , which add the right amount (about the size of a large pea) and the skin will absorb all of the product will not be perfectly and brightness.
  4. It is imperative that we leave the cream on for a couple of minutes to be absorbed by the skin and captures all the nutrients before moving on to putting on makeup.
  5. It is very important to know what your skin type is as important as care for her regularly, because depending on what skin you have, you will have some other needs. For example, if you have oily, mixed or acne skin is recommended to use creams oil – free and non – comedogenic  to avoid the appearance of imperfections. If you have dry, normal or sensitive skin is better to use treatments that are more nutritious and in all cases always use day creams with sunscreen.
  6. The Bio products are rich in vitamins, extracts of plantes and vegetable oils because they contain many nutrients and beneficial and skin friendly properties. For example Kivvi moisturizer is a moisturizing day cream with raspberry and apple Bio, which contains all these elements and is an anti-aging treatment that moisturizes and antioxidant, which helps regenerate the skin. Its active constituents are coconut oil, kiwi seed, raspberry, hemp, cranberry, cucumber, apple, wheat germ, hypericum, borage, chamomile and birch.
I hope these tips have served to enhance the effects of the creams on your skin.

See you in the next video tip!

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