How to eliminate dark circles so they do not appear again?

How to Eliminate dark circles So They Do not Appear again?

The look is one of the most beautiful and distinctive features of a person. Therefore, dark circles and bags we do not like anything as obscure and disfigure our eyes. But we have the most effective solution to give light and strength to that look and do away with dark circles forever.

What are dark circles?

The skin around the eyes is extremely fragile and sensitive. It is 5 times thinner than the skin on the rest of the face. Thinner skin means that the blood vessels beneath it are visible to the naked eye and produce a different color to the skin. Hence dark circles appear. In addition, as we grow older, the skin also loses collagen and elasticity , which causes the skin to become thinner and more prominent dark circles. However, not all dark circles are caused by the visibility of blood vessels under the thin skin. There are dark circles that arise from hyperpigmentation (increased skin pigmentation) as a result of increased production of melaninskin under the eyes. Another condition that could cause dark circles look darker and more noticeable is the puffiness under the eyes (damn bags).

Why go dark circles?

The lack of sleep is the first answer that comes to mind, for sure you too have set up day after a big night with a deserved dark circles. But lack of sleep is not the only reason they appear dark circles and bags.

  1. The main reason is that you have dark circles from your parents. The gene , which sometimes is odious. If you have a genetic factor, as alterations in production of iron, for a concentration of greater than normal pigmentation under the eye, it is generated et volia circles.
  2. There are diseases such as allergies or asthma, causing eye discomfort and scratching an accumulation of blood is generated causing an increase in the size of the veins of the lower eyelid. In addition, allergies can cause congestion of the vessels around the eyes .
  3. Of course, not sleep well or enough , because fatigue causes blood vessels to dilate.
  4. They can also salirte circles when given hormonal changes or fluid accumulation. For example, when you’re with the rule or pregnant.
  5. Your lifestyle also greatly influences the appearance of dark circles: continued stress, not eating a balanced and healthy diet, excess alcohol, caffeine and snuff, lack of iron in the body … starts to lead a healthier life and you see how your eyes are clear.
  6. If you force a lot of sight (computer, mobile, tablet …) is generated visual fatigue , which usually cause the capillaries to dilate the effort and stimulates blood flow in the area.

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Salt dark side. Now that you know why they appear the certain circles there are things you can do to avoid them, as following a good diet, sleep 8 hours, not to give in to stress … But for the black in your eyes is only shadow and eyeliner, let need to:

  1. A good eye contour moisturizing and decongestant. Looking for the one that best suits your needs and skin type. We leave for here the range of products we have in antiojeras PromoFarma if you want to take a look. When applying the eye contour :

    1. Removes make the area very well.
    2. Apply the product with light dabs, without dragging. If you also have bags, giving the dabs see from the outside in. But if you do not have, do it inside out to stimulate the skin.
    3. Better if you put the eye area morning and before bedtime too.
  2. Apply once a week , a special mask for dark circles . What about a home? Mixing a potato and cucumber with a spoonful of olive oil and some green tea. Let cool for several hours in the refrigerator and apply the mixture on the circles for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Uses a  roll-on concealer with ice effect  to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Will leave a lasting freshness to your skin. Make sure it contains a source of vitamins and other nutrients is loaded to improve blood circulation in the area and improve the appearance immediately. There are also patches placed in the dark circles and crow’s feet for 10-15 minutes to rejuvenate and revitalize the eye.
  4. Your best friend (only if you use it well), will be the  concealer . To be great beige choose to correct minor imperfections and if your dark circles are not very deep; ocher yellow or beige to a more purple circles; and pink to correct dark circles more yellow tones.

Give light to your look with these tips and forget the black (even to match all) in the lower lids.

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