How to detoxify the skin

How to detoxify the skin

Skin suffers many external aggressions during the day. Climate, pollution and stress make accumulate toxins and lose both their luster and elasticity. We can restore its verve internally and externally. In both cases, what we will detoxify the skin either through food or through specific treatments. Today, Naomi tells us how to get a free skin toxins. 

The skin is continually in contact with many external elements. Pollution and environmental dirt and toxins from your diet can clog your pores and damage your skin . A detoxification routine is ideal for lightening skin, reduce acne and sensitivity. With a few small changes we can achieve great results improving the appearance and quality of the skin.

Tips to detoxify the skin inside.

  • Take less sugar refined in our diet.
  • Prepared meals take less full of preservatives.
  • Decrease consumption of meat and dairy.
  • Avoid eating saturated fat and eating more healthy fats : olive oil, nuts and seeds, omega – 3 rich foods like salmon that improve skin elasticity and help prevent wrinkles.
  • Take more fresh food, especially fruits and vegetables alkaline , such as bananas, apples, pears, spinach, broccoli, cabbage …

Tips to detoxify the skin on the outside :

  • Cleanse the skin twice daily, preferably with a product that balances our pH.
  • Do not use very harsh harsh soap or exfoliants.
  • You can clean in depth your skin at home twice a week . First we can make a steam tent with hot water and then use a mask like that of Madara which is a mask Détox mineralizing mud , which helps detoxify the skin, purifying and revitalizing, as well as rich in algae and helps renew the skin appearance. Mud adheres to toxins and helps remove for complete cleaning.

This mask helps reseal the pores and refine the skin, leaving a matte finish and fewer imperfections.

It also has an anti – inflammatory effect and healing addition to mineralize with trace elements and can be used on all skin types.

Video are all the details on your application and frequency of use.

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