How to choose your ideal facial cream?

How to choose your perfect facial cream?

The facial skin is the most exposed to external factors such as wind, sun, pollution, among others. Therefore , the use of a facial moisturizer is essential to have the old you to bring your face those nutrients you need .

When choosing your face cream perfect you need to have into account different aspects in order to protect your skin effectively. There are two fundamental pillars: maximum hydration and offer the necessary emollient for your skin (either fat or lipids).

How to choose a face cream?

Follow these three tips and triunfarás!

  1. Tell me how old you are , and I’ll tell facial cream you need : There are different compositions of facial creams that fit the age of the skin when applied. Function is to provide a face cream skin components that naturally lacks. Therefore, the anti-aging face creams are rich in collagen, coenzyme Q-10, among others in order to provide elasticity and strengthen mature skin. Of course , if you have a young skin, such creams are not suitable for you and you should opt for creams that focus on moisturizing and revitalizing the skin.
  2. ¿Dry skin, oily, mixed ?: Depending on the type of skin you have, you should opt for a facial cream or another. Oily skin should use special creams for control of excess fat, anti-acne, etc. while dry skin should choose nutrient – rich cream to combat dryness. Also pay attention to specific skin problems like eczema, sensitive skin, allergic, atopic, etc.
  3. Habits : Each person has his ideal day to apply a face cream time, so there are night creams and day creams. Here also comes into play if you take more time outdoors (which involve a cream rich in vitamin C and sunscreen for UV rays) or if you are more confined spaces in offices (rich facial creams retinol to prevent stains and expression wrinkles).

Following these 3 requirements choosing your perfect facial cream will be successful. However, there is also a requirement that you must consider: the season as external factors vary in summer and winter. Take care of your skin with a good facial cream ! Discover all our products Facials HERE .

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