How to choose the right support for your knee

How to choose the right support for your knee

Currently, the market offers a wide variety of media quality for each anatomical area of the body, leading to a serious difficulty choosing which can be useful for our condition, activity or personal circumstances. Not the same have a full day of work in the office that does not allow us to move from a chair to be in and out of a car or tour the city on foot. Or train for hours to play a practice game or up and down stairs always go flat. It is therefore important that, in each situation, choose the knee brace suitable for our activity comfortably and safely.

One of the joints that causes more suffering and more consultations physiotherapy is the knee, so it is important to consider these tips:

  1. In the case of having a localized swelling of the knee (either why us have twisted by arthritis , poor circulation, overuse …), mild fatigue , pain and presents a day of work ahead, the most suitable product is the Rodillera Comfort Lift Future TM . Provides light support (compression 8-15 mmHg), it is breathable and, thus not lead to increased heat and sweating, or be wound itself or whether given. It does not produce wrinkles in the popliteal space and is very discrete, so it will not be noticeable under clothing.
  2. If you need further stabilization, it is necessary to prevent further injury or pain is greater, the best choice is the Rodillera Stabilizing Future TM . It has the patella exposed and the lateral stabilizers that can be removed or put. It is discreet under clothing, breathable, soft and comfortable. It provides a moderate support (compression 15-20 mmHg).
  3. Two products that are designed for sports but are also very useful in everyday life are the Patellar Support Future Sport TM and Patellar Support Future with precision adjustment Sport TM . In the case of suffering from patellar chondromalacia , tendinitis patellar tendon or alignment problems in the kneecap, these supports help to perform daily activities (walking, climbing stairs, getting in and out of the car, get up and sit) with significant decreased pain.
  4. If recovery of any previous injury and when the discomfort persists, suffering from patellar chondromalacia, arthritis or inflammation and do not want or can avoid workout or sporting event, in addition to the above products, you can also use the Rodillera future Sport TM   and future Bolstered Sport KNEE TM . Both have the patella exposed and adjustable straps precision and further reinforced by padding the kneecap that provides stability and protection and lateral stabilizers of rotation. It is important to choose depending on the level of injury and the hardness of the training or competition is to be performed.

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