How to choose an after sun?

How to choose an after sun?

After a prolonged sun exposure need to continue protecting us , it’s time to care for and nurture our skin with lotion or post-sunscreen and avoid problems like skin dehydration, regenerate and reduce the risk of aging and / or reduces the burning sensation. To retrieve the smoothness and skin nutrients, you can use various after-sun products with formulas decongestant, regenerative, moisturizers, antioxidants, etc. It will apply after showering your body moisturizer as usual. Another of the benefits that the after sun is that our beloved tan more uniform and durable .

Here we share some tips for choosing a lotion or cream post-solar suitable for your skin. When choosing the effective after-sun product must think of its function and benefits , they will be given by the natural components that integrate the post-solar formula.

According to its natural components

  1. Post-solar decongestants : Choose products that include aloe vera, calendula, menthol, etc. Such agents bring your skin a refreshing feel while anti – inflammatory. In addition, your skin will be covered in moisturizing and regenerative nutrients .
  2. Post-solar regenerators : rich in vitamin formulas A, C, allantoin are characterized by a regenerative and reparative function . Thanks to its natural qualities, these components promote cell regeneration preventing aging post-sun skin.
  3. After-sun antioxidants : Vitamin E and C can recover the natural appearance of the skin by a regenerator, moisturizing, healing and anti – inflammatory action .

According to its texture

  1. Creamy texture : for normal to dry skin and especially sensitive .
  2. Light texture : for normal / combination / oily skin . This after sun gel or fluid provides a cooling sensation and are rapidly absorbed.

Find the best option for your skin and enjoy the sun without risks … and do not forget to use a special sunscreen for your skin.

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