How to avoid hardness and calluses on the feet, cracked heels and dry elbows this summer

How to avoid hardness and calluses on the feet, dry cracked heels and elbows This Summer

Summer is here and it seems that the good weather is installed with the intention to stay for the next few months. Months in which the heat, vacation, beach, pool, bathing suits, the dresses, Bermuda shorts, flip – flops, sandals, terraces and sun creams are the protagonists. Yes, the summer chip has gripped us also , and our computers, smartphones and tablets thanks to funds summery screen we have designed for you to take summer with you always.

After several months preparing thoroughly the Operation Bikini can look healthy and slender figure this summer as we take the sun, always in moderation and taking all necessary measures to protect our skin from the effects of solar radiation precautions. However, care to be ready this summer beyond the famous Operation Bikini and sun protection. Many times we forget them, but elbows and feet need special care to promote their softness and hydration so that they look perfect in the summer.

When the weather is good and it begins to heat is left over clothes everywhere and opted to wear comfortable clothes and chilly as shorts, dresses, tank tops, sandals or flip – flops. This type of clothing and footwear expose areas like elbows or feet that usually present problems of dryness . It is important that these areas are treated throughout the year and not just in summer, but during winter because they are covered, they suffer the same.


Remedies for corns and calluses on feet

In the case of the feet are common corns and calluses, besides being unsightly when we use open footwear like sandals or flip-flops can cause discomfort and even pain.

  1. Rasca corns and calluses of the feet with a pumice stone or opt for electronic files such as Scholl , PediSilk or E-nn Love to help you remove dead skin and favor the beauty and health of your feet
  2. The moisturizer is essential to remove corns and calluses on feet. Apply it after scratching the corns and calluses to provide hydration, nourish the skin and prevent it from drying out .
  3. Strolling along the beach, choosing the right shoe, foot soak with water and camomile tea (four tablespoons infusion per liter of water) or cover the foot after applying on the hardnesses a mixture of olive oil and clove crushed garlic or a mixture of crushed aspirin (5 or 6) with a spoonful of lemon juice and water, can also help to remove corns and calluses.

Remedies for cracked heels


Another common problem feet are cracked heels. This is a condition which mainly occurs in the outer layer of the skin, although it may penetrate deep into the dermis causing severe pain. Cracked heels result of poor hydration in this area which suffers dry and having to support the weight of the body.

  1. The sticks and dressings cracked heels are great allies to hydrate this area and regenerate the skin, promote healing, smoothing cracks, relieve pain and discomfort and greatly improve the aesthetics of the feet. Products such as Scholl Cracked Heel Stick Express or Compeed hydrocolloid heel cracks will help you achieve it .
  2. The moisturizing and exfoliating creams provide hydration and softness to the heels, favor the reconstruction of cracks and prevent dehydration while soothing and relieving pain.
  3. Massaging heels making circles with an impregnated cotton in olive oil extra virgin, put your feet to soak in soapy water, honey or lemon juice for a few minutes or massaging the feet with coconut oil and put some cotton socks to leave acting at night are other remedies that can help repair cracked heels.

Remedies for dry elbows


Elbows, like feet, are another due to dehydration and dryness, resulting in an unsightly and carelessness image area. Dry elbows are also rough to the touch and have a gray or brown color, make snagging clothing and cause discomfort to bend the arm.

  1. Using a cream or gel exfoliating or, alternatively, one loofah or one mitt to perform a complete exfoliation of the zone, thereby eliminating the dead skin layers accumulated on the elbows.
  2. After exfoliation reaches hydration. Uses a specific moisturizer for dry elbows or a moisturizer for dry skin (choose one that has Aloe Vera and Vitamin E), thus you will provide skin hydration and nutrition you need and combatirás dryness.
  3. Apply butter on elbows, citric acid, lemon oil, castor oil, jojoba oil or mayonnaise based mask (two tablespoons) and oil (a tablespoon) are other remedies for dry elbows.

Put these tips and say no to corns and calluses on feet, dry cracked heels and elbows this summer.

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