How to apply your face cream to make it more effective

How to apply your face cream to make it more effective

The facial skin is the most sensitive and which deserves more pampering, but perhaps do not apply the facial cream in the right way and that makes the effects are not as effective. In your daily routine cleaning facial as it is important to know what type of creams are appropriate for your skin is to know how to apply them on your face. You can not be done quickly and in any manner.

Applying moisturizer correctly, circulation is activated and the results will increase. It is also important to follow a specific order of all the products you use in your routine. The application, should be the lightest to dense or creamy product: facial cleansing, tonic, serum (if necessary), cream and sunscreen.

The serum is a restructuring treatment antiaging that penetrates the skin and provides vitamin C and E improving the appearance, with a smooth and bright face. It helps moisturize the skin from within because the ingredients penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin. To apply you must place a small amount on your fingers and spread on the hands, from the inside to the outside of the face, without massaging.

One of the most important points is to have good clean face . We should wash our face in the morning and at night with soap cleanser for dry skin , or cleansing milk for oily skin , apply ourselves before our products. Dirt, such as sweat, acts as a barrier, accumulates in the pores producing excess sebum and dead cells are generating a layer that prevents the main active cream are not equally effective by not providing complete absorption. A regular exfoliation helps the skin more receptive to ingredients of the cream.

After having clean skin using a tonic suitable for your kind of helps balance the skin pH skin, relieve and deep cleanse the pores so that the cream penetrate better into the skin being more effective.

When we go to apply the cream must choose the right amount to be absorbed easily by going’ll notice as you apply it absorbs and if you need more. The dermis absorbs enough, the rest will do is clog pores, hampering the oxygenation of the skin and causing flare.

apply moisturizer to be effective

Applying our facial cream

To apply the cream we will put small portions in different parts of the neck and face: forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. To spread the cream will do massaging with circular movements ascending until absorbed fully, to prevent loss of firmness. The center out of the face perpendicular to the wrinkle sense. Massage stimulates circulation and skin oxygenation.

  • We begin at the neckline , applying a small amount on your fingers and extend with upward circular motions and out, gradually rising to the neck with the help of both hands.
  • We continue to face, the chin area. Since the area of the chin make circular outward movements on both sides towards the ears gently.
  • On the lips the direction will be from the center to the corners, circular motion.
  • For the area of the cheekbones , we started beneath them and ascend a circular motion toward your ears.
  • In the central area in the nose along the wall towards the front, first on one breast and then the other sinus.
  • For eye contour we apply another specific product, as this area is particularly sensitive. We use the cream should be applied based toquecitos from the tear outwards. Insisting in the wrinkles and expression lines , making circular motions and working in ascending order, in this way helps fight the effects of gravity while maintaining smooth our skin.
  • Finally, the front . Drawing circles with the buds from the center out. Leaving wrinkles in this area are horizontal, extend the cream starting from the area between the eyebrows, and vertically upwardly to the area of hair growth.

Dedicating a little more time we can make the most of our cream. With proper hydration, diet and regular exercise, get look great!


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