How to apply a reducing cream on legs and buttocks?

How to apply a reducing cream on legs and buttocks?

Sometimes having great reducer cream is not enough to deliver on our legs and buttocks. The secret is in addition to an effective cosmetic formula, in this way reducing cream is applied in our body.

There are different techniques and recommendations related to the frequency and type of exercised at each pressure – reducing massage , but the key to effective treatment is in the movements and intensity of reducing massage to help eliminate cellulite, sagging and orange peel .

Then we tell you step by step how to apply correctly a reducing cream on legs and buttocks:

  1. Placed in the palm reductive cream, the amount should be as large as a nut although this may vary depending on your skin type and surface.
  2. Expands the cream in your hands to shape it and use it better on your legs.
  3. the reducing massage begins in the outer region of the leg at the knee and seen by upward circular motion moving upwards towards the buttocks.
  4. It is important to pressure when the circular movement is upward, never downward.
  5. The intensity of the pressure should be average, this implies that creates some discomfort on the skin. It is important to make this pressure to allow the reducing cream to penetrate and be absorbed by the skin tissues.
  6. Performs the same steps for other areas of the body.

Follow these tips step by step to effectively apply a reducing cream on legs and buttocks, and see results in weeks. Watch your body, take care of your health!

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