How technology can help me be in the best medical guides

How technology can help me be in the best medical guides

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It is no longer surprising that online service Medical Guide allow the practicality of finding a specialist or general practitioner, clinic or laboratory, hospitals and other health services closer to your location with the greatest possible convenience. With it you can schedule a consultation or examination on the day and more convenient time.

The system maintains a database updated with the name, registration number in the CRM, specialist title (if any), local call and contact details of doctors (when allowed), and the address, type of service and accreditation data from health facilities.

In some guides the doctor provides the amount of monthly queries that could distribute to users of a particular agreement. Thus, the accredited may have a more concrete forecast the availability of care by your health plan with that professional.

The purpose of these services also has the distinction of offering the citizens of choice of an expert from a list of accredited professionals. All this online, from anywhere you are and at any time of day or night.

The convenience provided by Medical Guides is one of the reasons why this tool has become a growing trend among major administrators of health plans and other companies operating in the sector. This service is beneficial for both the citizen and for the medical professional.

To be on the list of accredited professionals of these guides, the doctor provides its registration data formally authorizing its advertising by signing a specific consent form for this purpose.

Part of the list of accredited these Guides Physicians great administrators of health plans or high profile companies on the internet specialists seems rather a synonym for professional success by ensuring a high demand for work due to this exposure reached by the internet. But what are the main advantages of being registered in these guides?

Advantages offered by the Guides Physicians for professional registered

A major benefit is that the professional register is always updated in the Guide, even if you have changed your address service or added other workplaces. That old history of making customer change communication client is a thing of the past. The updating of new data is made on the same tab, and available to all users.

In addition, anyone can find it easily through an application on the phone or any other device with internet. The user need not even remember or know the full name of your doctor. With a simple search based on their specialty, the customer can find you and schedule an appointment, because the survey covers all its accredited network.

However, all this advertising effect provided with the visibility achieved by the Medical Guide can also have disastrous consequences in managing your time if your care agenda is not well managed.

Why keep all these channels (guides) assets requires careful planning of your schedule, besides demanding a time that perhaps you have not. Even if you arrange the advice of a desk, the risk of incurring schedules of double errors is great. What tools you can use to help you manage this?

How technology can help you meet your scheduled appointments in the Guides Doctors?

The accessibility of technologies has facilitated the routine medical and other health professionals through a series of calendar applications that are efficient in the routine of these professionals.

We did some research and consult some specialized sites in the technological world, such as the Portal TechTudo session and we list some of these online tools with versions for web and applications for Android and iPhone (iOS), which possibly may already be used by them professionals. However, many are still unaware of the potential functionality of these applications that can help you better manage your time, a priority factor today.

Google Calendar is a service available to all users who have an account with Gmail or other email from Google. To start using the service just register a password and login. With it you can better manage your appointments and organize your tasks in a practical way and without incurring risk of forgetting or overwrite an activity on the same date or time.

Google Calendar allows the creation of “multiple calendars” with the same registration e-mail, renaming each according to the objectives. For example, consultations aimed at the Medical Guide X can be separated from those scheduled with its customers accredited by the Medical Guide Y without risk of overlapping commitments.

The iCloud calendar also allows adding different agendas in the same user account. This service comes in Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad, but you can access it on the official iCloud. It is a very simple app, but very functional for what it offers.

You can import data from iCloud Calendar from your iPhone to Android devices and Windows system environments through some applications like Sunrise Calendar.

Agenda Yahoo (or Yahoo Calendar), although not as used as Google or iCloud agenda, is quite efficient in its resources available to those who use Yahoo’s e-mail. The downside is that is exclusive to the web, but also offers the services of multiple calendars into one.

Sunrise Calendar is considered one of the best and most complete Android and iOS apps, but also has a working version on the web. It stands out for the number of smart features, able to gather multiple calendars into one. Through it you can also do You can also log in with Facebook and get their act together.

The Outlook calendar (or Outlook Calendar) is Microsoft’s application for users of e-mail It has web access only, which is ideal for windows system users, but can be accessed on mobile via the official e-mail program Outlook.

Cal, on the other hand, is one of the main agendas or calendars available for download on the mobile (Android and iPhone – iOS) and can be synchronized with most agendas integrated into an e-mail.

YouCanBook.Me can further increase its virtual agenda and help you in managing your commitments

If you already use these virtual calendar services, but want something more efficient, there are applications that are capable of adding features to its virtual book making them even more advantageous. The YouCanBook.Me tool is one of them. This software integrates with your online calendar and allows you to have your custom schedule page.

The YouCanBook.Me can still be incorporated into your website, Facebook page or email. When a new schedule is done, you will receive a notification with the details and the booking will automatically appear in your virtual agenda. And your customers also receive reminders by e-mail with query information.

Help with managing their time, providing practicality and convenience is the function of these online scheduling tools used to facilitate their routine in health services.

Doctors main guides for you to make your accreditation

Company based on the Internet as the Book Medicine, and other integrated the great managers of private health insurance as the guide of Unimed National Medical and Bradesco Medical Guide, are some of the major carriers that offer the online service Medical Guide for its users.

In the case of Unimed guide, customers generally do not have agreements with this operator can also use the app and search for an expert in the Unimed Medical Guide database.

This service provides credibility to its users because they work with the transparency of information that is provided strictly follow the legal norms of Medical Council in the registration information of Medical Guide. For example, all registered specialists in Medical Guide possess the Specialist Qualification Record (RQE) regulated as established by the Regional Council of Medicine (CRM).

Any professional information provided by the Medical guide for its members, must first be formally authorized by the doctor to exclusive publication for this purpose, as determined by the Federal Council of Medicine.

Among the various facilities of the guides, it is the constant updating of the data made available to customers using the service. In cases where the doctor is unable to meet his patient within the deadline set by the National Health Agency, the number of accredited professionals in the Guide allows the possibility of finding an equivalent specialist quickly and conveniently, without major inconvenience to the doctor and your patient.

All companies operate with this internet service is subject to supervision by the competent authorities and should work in accordance with the Code of Medical Ethics of the Medical Council and within the norms of Medical Affairs Disclosure Commission (CODAME).

The Medical Guide not only offers the advantage of making your life easier and your customers at the time of the search for a specialist, but also offers numerous other advantages the internet makes this service a professional move without failure chances.

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