How important is the medical guide for health professionals?

How important is the medical guide for health professionals?

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How important is the medical guide for health professionals?

The medical guide is one of the tools that most collaborate with the “capacity” of the waiting rooms of Brazilian offices. Being part of these booklets is currently very important, especially for those professionals who are starting their career or who are in need increase their patient list.

Considered as an opportunity for many doctors and other health professionals, this tool is also very important to the daily lives of the population that quickly finds the specialties sought in one place, following an alphabetical order.

And it is worth mentioning that today is quite difficult for a person reaches the offices and clinics without having found their referrals within a medical guide, whether your health plan or even an acquaintance.

In this article we will talk therefore about the importance and great opportunity to be part of these guides and also highlight some advantages for the professional. Keep reading!

health plan and medical guide

Despite all the economic crises and instabilities in which Brazil has passed and despite having retracted a bit in the last year, health plans remain with most of the spotlight turned to each other when we talk about private practice.

The number of insured has grown since the protection provided by the public health is completely inefficient and unable to meet the high demand of demand for medical care and procedures.

With so many people using their services, health plans offer some practicalities so that the experience of looking for a professional to be simpler and easier.

The medical guide is precisely the tool that works with this demand and contributes with both sides, providing convenience for both the patient and the accredited professional.

Three advantages of being part of a medical guide

1. Your name and office highlighted

The first major advantage of a doctor, or office, appear listed in a medical guide is that in
this way it becomes possible to achieve a number of public groups and profiles without much effort.

It’s as if you were part of an advertising campaign. All your data such as name, phone and specialty will be available exactly at the place where there is, of course, demand for these services.

Thus, due to the greater objectivity of context, it is much easier for the patient to find you the moment that it really is in need since, let’s face it, no one usually go around writing down the contact clinics and offices that are on billboards without being sick or in need, is not it?

2. More chances to fill the schedule calls

When a health professional is
part of the medical guide it also has its chances of filling schedules increased, thus contributing to the monthly income of your office without spending on advertising and marketing!

As health plans are often crowded with users, which is usually a much higher number than the actual medical and contracted capacity offered by them, the patient is forced often to make several calls to get an appointment.

And this link can come in handy in filling vacancies of your office!

Therefore one must always keep an eye on the agenda so that no wrong markings, which reduce the quality of care. Less sometimes it is also more. Prioritize numbers may become a loss, so be very careful!

3. Opportunity to expand the list of patients

The third and final here elencada advantage is, of course, the main among the three mentioned and you know why?
Have access to an infinite number of patients who do not know your work and your office is the perfect opportunity for those who need and want to increase your contact list.

All primary care represents a new chance to retain the patient and as such should be exploited to the maximum for the good of the financial health of your career!

Many health professionals such as doctors, ophthalmologists, among others, provide only a certain period, always pre-established time to stay within the health plans.

The goal is clear: To win new customers so that even without the subsequent call by the agreement, this patient to continue attending private consultations with professional thanks to affinity, trust and enchantment created in the past contacts.

Medical Guide: Strategy to grow!

So, as was said here, be part of a medical guide is an excellent growth opportunity for professional and your establishment and all this without having to invest in stocks and strategies that, in truth, could hardly achieve the same results so satisfactory.

Of course, to grow much more than receiving new patients, the professional should invest in quality and efficiency for keeps them!

If you liked this article and want to get tips on how to charm the patient who came to his office through the medical guide, see other content from our blog and make your business grow!

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