How important is a brokerage firm in choosing your health plan?

How important is a brokerage firm in choosing your health plan?

You want a health plan available, covering all his family, cover your needs and fits in your pocket, but do not even know where to start? Therein lies the importance of a health insurance broker!

Often we have to make some inevitable spending cuts of our house, especially in this time of economic crisis. However, we know that the health can not play. Having a health plan brings a sense of security and tranquility, is not it?

Here’s how an insurance broker can help you find the ideal health plan.

1. a trained professional

The insurance broker is prepared technically and legally qualified to intermediate between insurers and consumers. It needs to have authorization from the Superintendency of Private Insurance on a specific examination.

The health sector has a complex language and particular characteristics that are not known by most people. The insurance professional can provide a qualified help to choose the best plan for your family .

Note that it is a professional who had to undergo a study and training to meet the needs of its customers, whether businesses or families.

2. It must be dynamic, agile and reliable

health insurance contain complicated vocabulary that depends on a deeper understanding. The ideal professional needs to know well the subject, be agile and free HR and the entrepreneur to take care of only the most strategic issues.

The broker must make your choice easier and his understanding of the agreement, respond quickly to emails and calls in a way that shows their willingness and commitment in each case.

If you want to search the credibility of your broker, you can consult the CNPJ, search on the canceled plans and action protocol brokerage in such cases.

3. Does consultancy

Not long ago that the broker was seen as an insurance salesman. I earned more for insurance more expensive and did not have to keep track with the customer. But that changed with the humanization of the area and many refresher courses.

This professional gets commission already included in the price of insurance, but not only sells the product, how to provide good service and be available to the customer to answer questions and any other assistance.

It is the most appropriate to find a cover that fits on your needs and your pocket. Already familiar with the plan types and can quickly reduce its range of options for those that are most appropriate to their profile.

4. Search and compare prices

Assess your needs, take into consideration the age, habits and medical history of your family is the first step of the broker. This assessment will be the north to choose your ideal health plan.

But even so, it will make a price quote and conditions all risks to be covered or excluded from coverage. Will show you all the advantages and disadvantages of the plans surveyed and will heal all your questions before you decide which plan will hire. That is, it makes all the hard part and labor.

5. brokerage depends on working

The quality of work is directly dependent on the broker. If the company is focused only on numbers, not values ​​its employees and does not invest in training, hence the brokers working there will offer a poor service.

Consistency and credibility are keywords so that the broker can meet customer expectations. It is necessary for it to anticipate, identify possible risks and always be prepared. This only happens with a lot of training, various courses and training of professionals.

6. Ensures economy enterprises

For companies, the broker works with the human resources department in order to get details about the use of the health service and profile of employees. At the risk management system, they obtain information that indicate the direction of health activities and improve worker productivity.

There are several new programs that enable the company to contain the entire record of appointments and tests that your employees do. Thus, it is possible to identify what are the diseases generated by the effort the company, which area is most affected and thus promote projects to improve working conditions.

This information reveals the factors that increase the accident rate and impact in terms of cost. If the institution to take precautions, can improve the workplace and reduce health care costs.

7. Alert on the renewal and rates

Brokers are responsible for checking all the conditions for renewal of insurance, premium rates and fees that can be added depending on age. A good broker will always be watching you and your safety.

8. Take care of your policy

The policy is the contract formalizing the hiring of health care, be it family or collective . Their conditions are defined by clauses that determine rights and obligations of both sides.

The importance of a health insurance broker is that it will make the negotiation in your favor, but it is very important that you read the entire agreement carefully and try to find out the risks that are excluded from coverage. Restrictions should come highlighted in the contract.

Do not sign any documents with which you disagree or have the desire to modify any provision.

9. Help to review the information and the contract

The moment you are ready to sign the contract, make sure that all information provided to the broker are correct. It will help to review them, but you should be totally transparent.

The omission of any information may cause the contract to be annulled. Some documents must be completed only by you, such as the health declaration.

He realized the importance of a health insurance broker? She is able to facilitate all the research and negotiation with the insurance company, and defend their rights and needs. For more information, please contact us !


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