How does acne affect emotions?

How does acne Affect emotions?

The acne affects the skin of the sufferer, but also more deeply emotional level. Confidence and self – esteem of acne sufferers are deteriorated whether you suffer from teenage and adulthood. 

Adolescence is the stage that relates quintessential acne. At the biological level, hormonal glands begin to mature and hormones revolutionize. And the skin begins to secrete fat so that the dermis is smoother. When pores become clogged and can not leave this fat, grains and appear skin irritations such as acne. This mismatch along with other changes associated with adolescence as voice, step by secondary and, in general, to a new world, causes stress teenager worsen the condition of your skin .

As explained by the dermatologist Philippe Beaulieu, “adolescence, just the stage where we are most vulnerable. During those years, we discover ourselves and forge links with people around us, and acne can interfere with that process . ” When the appearance of the teenager does not express that which is due to a condition, they emerge insecurities and discomforts with oneself that can lead to poor school performance *, rejection of socialization or depression.

To evaluate the effects that acne has on people who suffer has created the Disability Index acne (ADI), 48 questionnaires that explore 8-dimensional patient: psychological, physical, recreational, employment, self-confidence, social relations, care skin and financial. These eight spheres determine how acne affects the daily life of the person who has it.

Is method can be used in both adolescents and adults patients. Acne does not disappear from one day to another and throughout adult life a person can suffer different outbreaks so the treatment for acne should be constant, and only dermal and psychological consequences will decrease.

Acne must fight on several fronts

  1. Keep your face clean and moisturized . Wash the face removes impurities, dead cells and excess fat in the skin surface. Cleaning should be done with warm water and mild facial soap for oily skin . Many treatments to remove acne cause dry skin, so it is necessary to use a moisturizer that reduces dryness and peeling it.
  2. Follow a balanced diet and do exercise . Chocolate and fried foods are not good for removing acne. Replace them with fruits and vegetables. Sport is good for skin because it reduces anxiety and increases blood flow to all organs.
  3. Use specific products . The range of products Effaclar of La Roche Posay , valued by dematólogos and pharmaceuticals.  It is designed and developed specifically to address the problems of different types of oily skin, skin prone to imperfections and marks are attenuated immediately. Furthermore, the new Effaclar Duo (+) Unifiant includes mattifying powders and natural pigments that provide light and instantly unify skin tone. After 24 hours **, severe imperfections are reduced and in just two weeks skin marks fade. 

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