How do I get my contact available in online medical guides?

How do I get my contact available in online medical guides?

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The Medical Guide is an online search tool that provides access of the population to personal data and basic medical professionals registered in the Councils Regional Medical (CRM).

This internet service has a database updated with the name, registration number in the CRM, specialist title (if any) duly registered with the CRM, point of care and contact details of these professionals (when allowed).

It is worth noting that the purpose of this online service of the Regional Councils and Federal Medical differs in objectives from those offered by companies operating in this internet based system.

The service provided by Medical Advice is limited to verification of medical information of each professional individually by the citizen. The goal is to make this more accessible professional society and strengthen their relationship based on the reliability of the information provided.

In turn, the proposed combination has the distinction of offering the citizens of choice of a general practitioner or specialist from a list of accredited professionals. However, companies like Medicine Book, are audited by the relevant bodies and work according to the code of ethics of the Medical Council and within the norms of Medical Affairs Disclosure Commission (CODAME).

What the professional need to do to appear in the Medical Guide online?

On the website of the Medical Advice (CRM each State or CFM), all accredited doctors can be searched from data such as name or registration number in CRM. The result of the query provides the picture, the full name of the doctor, the professional situation (whether active or not), the specialty and area of ​​operation (RQE number), if any. However, contact data (address and telephone) are displayed only if the doctor has allowed disclosure hereby.

So the doctor that you want to provide your registration information contact through this system in CRM should formally authorize its advertising by signing a specific consent form for this purpose.

In the case of companies that offer this service, the self-employed medical or legal person must first formally authorize the inclusion of their name and professional nature of any data in the Medical Guide system these companies. Similarly, the contact information is available only to those who formally authorize its disclosure.

In any situation, the Medical Guide service assigns a specialty since it has been registered with the Professional Council. Whether for citizens who only want to inform yourself or with the purpose of seeking a specialist for consultation, fidelity and reliability of the information provided in the Guide provides a list of most reliable of the patient with the health professional.

What are the advantages for the provider registered on a Medical Guide online?

This service is beneficial for both the citizen and for the professional. The Medical Guide is a tool that inspires credibility in the population and appreciation of the medical profession for fidelity to the standards set by the CRM in your registration information.

For example, all registered specialists in the guide have the Specialist Qualification Record (RQE) properly regulated as established by the CRM (CFM Resolution No. 1974/2011). Only professional with RQE recorded in the CRM can call himself an expert. This rule is strictly followed in the registration information of the Guide.

The Professional registration is up to date in the Guide. In case of change of address, contact phone or call in a second address, the doctor does not need to make this communication to all its patients. The updating of new data is made on the same tab, and available to all users.

In addition to the specialist or general practitioner, the Medical Guide also has an effect of advertising or marketing staff for the achieved visibility feature of online services. Thus, this service offers credibility, visibility and contributes to loyal customers professional.

Examples of companies and health organizations using the Medical Guide online

The Book Medicine company offers Medical Guide Service in the region of Presidente Prudente / SP seeking to facilitate this contact regarding the patient and the professional. The Guide lists the specialties, care facilities, health care institutions (clinics, hospitals and clinics accredited in the system) and private health plans in which doctors are accredited.

All medical experts accredited in the Book Medicine have RQE recorded in Cremesp (São Paulo CRM).

Unimed, largest operator of private health plans in the country, using the medical guide online service to facilitate access to their insured to its members professionals, facilitating communication between them and offering convenience for both professional and for their customers.

The application “Guide National Medical Unimed” or regional Unimed network can be downloaded from any device (tablet or phone) through Google Play or App Store. The application also allows viewing of medical care address on a map, making it easier to access.

The Medical Advice, Federal and Regional Medical provide the guide for detailed research of the professional information of all registered doctors in your system. With this service, the councils exercise their legal right to supervise the practice and encourage professional ethics, valuing the medical profession and also acting in defense of civil rights.

For the customer who initiates a treatment or will undergo an invasive procedure, it is natural to feel insecure and want to find out about the qualifications of your doctor.

The transparency of the data contained in the Medical Guide, service reliability and easier access to this information is important to establish this relationship of trust between doctor and patient.

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