Healthy throat with scientific aromatherapy

With scientific aromatherapy Healthy throat

These days we receive many patients with throat irritation and discomfort  pharyngeal  due to weather changes. We ask natural and effective solutions to alleviate these sore throats. At the pharmacy, we have a wide range of products of great quality properties balsamic , antitussive and  antiseptic. These products contain substances, many of them from plant extracts: thyme, rosemary, eucalyptus … that once were already used as traditional remedies and now within our reach as essential oils doses standardized formulas quimiotipadas (what It called  scientific aromatherapy) To return to take care of our throats as before … but even more effectively.

Question of the week : I wonder what product you recommend to take the kit home and used to relieve the discomfort of the throat (irritation, pain on swallowing …). With time these changes have on hand better. If it can be based on natural extracts, much better. Thank you!

essential oils for sore throats

The use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes is not new  and increasingly have more quality products in this regard. Essential oils from medicinal plants used in scientific aromatherapy meet a series of requirements and high quality standards: they are concentrated (they are 100% pure) and very well defined biochemical level (ie, the concentrations of the molecules that comprise known ). Thus, not only can be used for diffusion in the environment or olfactory level; They are also suitable for oral or topical application to the skin. In these cases, before taking them, ask a healthcare professional. They also have their precautions and contraindications.


To answer the question of our reader, I have selected some products based on quality therapeutic essential oils. First, we have soft to dissolve in the mouth pills. Pranarôm Aromaforce 21uds tablets , containing a blend of essential oils of lime , peppermint , tea tree , savory , laurel , Ceylon cinnamon and cloves. These pads are indicated as an antiseptic and analgesic in case of irritation, discomfort in swallowing and hoarseness. Purity and high activity of these essential oils, do not exceed the dose of 5 tablets per day (for up to 5 days). Please note that excessive consumption may produce laxative effects. Must be avoided during pregnancy and in children under 6 years old. It is a quality product and convenient to have it in the medicine cabinet.garganta2_post

If milder irritations, just when the trouble starts, find the propolis a natural care to pamper throat ( Propol2 EMF oral spray 30m l ). In spray form it allows a comfortable application to smooth hoarseness and aphonia. In most troublesome and persistent cases, however, we can take  Pranarôm Oleocaps 1 Nose and Throat 30caps . It contains essential oil of oregano , a powerful natural antiseptic. It stimulates the body ‘s defenses and supports the health of the airways. On the other hand, it does not affect the intestinal microbiota. 2 capsules before meals 3 times daily for 5 consecutive days and taken. It is important to eat them with a little water and not exceed the dosage mentioned. Not suitable during pregnancy or in children under 6 years. The capsules are made from gelatin marine. Of course, if the problem persists or worsens, appears high fever or difficulty breathing, you must see a doctor as soon as possible.

Drinking water throughout the day and small sips of vitamin C – rich juices (orange, lemon or cranberry) will also help our throat. It is important not to force the voice when we irritated and avoid sudden temperature changes. As the needs of each person may be different, I encourage you to contact us if preciséis a custom clarification. You can express your doubts at the end of each article. I hope these tips will help you keep colds at bay and throat defenses to prepare well for the cold! Happy week to tod @ s!

Disclosure: The information in my articles and in private consultation responses is independent character. I make recommendations based on the technical information and professional judgment itself and not receive any incentive to highlight some products over others. I thank all readers who ask for the selection criteria applied and encourage you to continue sending your questions and comments.

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