Health tips for every day: Unusual – but true!

With all the health advice that circulates on the net, you can quickly lose track. The simple-sounding tips are often difficult to implement: Who wants to lose weight, should eat less and move more. You need more energy? Then you should sleep a few hours more.

We have some tips that sound totally contradictory and crazy at first. But they really do work – though you’ll probably shake their heads about that. Try the unusual advice and find out which ones can be integrated into your everyday life and help you.

To fit in a smaller dress size, you should increase.

Although muscles weigh more than fat, they take up less space. If two women each weigh 60 kilos and only one of them does regular weight training, it will probably fit in a smaller size than the other.

The reason for this? Although one kilo of fat weighs as much as one kilogram of muscle, muscles require less space than fat. You can gain muscle and at the same time lose volume when you break down the fat. The fear of gaining weight through muscle training is unfounded when you reduce your calorie intake .

Eating more is often less.

To grab a packet of biscuits or salt pretzels with only 100 calories may seem tempting. But most of the time you are even hungrier after that.

Eating small amounts of carbohydrates will not do you much good. You only have a temporary satiety and your blood sugar shoots up. It is better to take protein-containing foods such as nuts, wholemeal bread with cream cheese or a cup of yoghurt with fresh fruits. The protein and fat it contains will fill you up longer.

Sour makes fun.

Every morning after getting up, drink a glass of warm water with the juice of half a freshly squeezed lemon. This boosts digestion and improves your skin’s appearance over the long term. In addition, the lemon water detoxifies the body and has an antibacterial effect.

A cup of coffee for a nap.

Japanese researchers have found out how to make the most of a quick nap: by drinking a cup of coffee first. Then you should immediately go to sleep for 20 minutes.

A cup of coffee before falling asleep ensures that you are fit again after your nap. The caffeine only works after 30 minutes, that’s exactly when you want to wake up anyway.

Drink water when bloated.

If you’re supposed to drink water when it bloates, it sounds like it’s going to make things worse. But the opposite is the case: it can relieve the symptoms.

Water helps transform the food into a kind of gel. This keeps the digestive system busy and reduces flatulence. Water boosts metabolism and regulates body temperature. In addition, the regular water supply ensures a beautiful appearance of the skin and keeps tight.

Do sports when you are tired.

Sports after a long day at work? That’s probably the last thing that comes to your mind.

According to a study, a 30-minute continuous work-out relieves tiredness and a bad mood. When you work out, you can work more efficiently and you are not tired so quickly. In addition, you will also be mentally much better.

Soap instead of disinfection.

You also resort to disinfectants because you do not want to get sick? Unfortunately, this is not a successful method. Most of these contain substances such as triclosan, which make us resistant to helpful bacteria or even have hormonal effects. Instead, wash your hands thoroughly with pH neutral soap and warm water several times a day.

Oil drawing cure for dental health.

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic cleansing method. It has been practiced for thousands of years. In this case, a tablespoon of vegetable oil is taken in the mouth, for 10 to 20 minutes in the mouth moved back and forth and pulled through between the teeth. At the end, the bacterial mixture is spit out again. The oil pulling has a positive effect on the oral flora and thus on the complete dental health. The gums are strengthened by this cure and bacteria are killed.

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