Health softwares evolve into second generation, what is it?

Health software evolves into second generation, what is it?

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Health software are not new for the most savvy professionals. Better name clinics in the market already have systems complete and computerized offering an organized and simplified structure for each patient be received and answered as best as possible, while still maintaining a strong and lasting relationship with the professional.

The big news that technology has to offer to health professionals today are so-called second-generation software . With improved basic functions and new options of use, these systems bring modernity and ease for clinics and offices, all to ensure that the patient experience is always positive, to return and refer your services to friends and family.

Enumerated some innovations that the second-generation software offers that will convince you to make this upgrade as needed to maintain the success of your clinic!


flexible schedule


The most commonly used systems in general have some problems in the marking and change data and time on the agendas. health software evolved rely on advanced technology in the development of scheduling systems, providing more freedom in the selection and deselection of consultations with a few clicks. Reshuffle patients also easier, with the option to just drag appointments between the hours available, some systems to allow multiple appointments at the same time.

But the biggest news may be these: the ability to block specific times and full shifts , preventing desks and unsuspecting employees mark patients at times that the professional can not answer; and manage multiple calendars in the same professional, easily to switch between one and another, and even integration between them.


medical records electronic


An electronic medical record system is a fundamental need for the health care professional and is not new in the market. Latest electronic medical record systems come to revolutionize, with fewer fields, making the query faster and generate less bureaucracy , besides avoiding fields with repeated information.

The best tools organize information automatically, and allow access to old records without delay. The cloud storage system is the current trend, the ease of content and the possibility of remote access backups.

ready models


One of the great advantages of the new generation of healthcare software are pre-registered models in the chart system. Some first-generation software offers models, but often not consistent with the activities of each specialty and do not allow customization.

history models and request tests and procedures to meet your needs very expedite consultations, as the professional really just fill in the required fields; the same is true for prescription treatments and medicines, with the extra that most modern systems offer consultation to drug databases, to check dosages and contraindications.

A big advantage that comes with ready – made templates is the standardization of care, ensuring quality and efficiency in the consultations and promoting these values as their brand to their patients.


Statistics and data analysis


Good health is one software that allows you to collect and interpret data on their patients and on the functioning of his office. second generation systems are adapted to store and group important information you provide statistics (lack of fees for initial consultations and returns, waiting time, consultation time, demographic charts of patients, etc.) that enable analysis to validate strategies and understand obstacles that arise along the way.

Data is critical to track the growth of your office or clinic , and a modern software will help you in this activity. Metrics and statistics will offer you a broad overview and structured the actual data of your business, so you make decisions foundation, avoiding surprises.


Financial control

Combine the financial management to the management of your schedule and patients is fundamental function of a modern software. Automate the entry of each amount and categorization in the system (consultation, examination or procedure / private or agreement) infinitely facilitates financial control of the clinic, allowing the manager has mapped all sources of income, which health providers pay or not pay, if some consultation was glossed, which procedures are most popular, and etc.

In addition, second-generation software is more practical for the organization accounts, allowing you to create tables to track spending, accounts and employee payments without complication and without programs apart to perform this function.


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