Green coffee: is it really that effective to lose weight?

It is the fashion complement for the slimming diet. Whether taken in infusions or in capsules, green coffee has become the “miraculous” solution to get those extra kilos. However, its possible benefits are in doubt. Is it true that green coffee works to lose weight?

What is green coffee?

The green coffee is a coffee variety that has not been toasted, ie the beans are green. Normal coffee (the one we drink practically every day) has gone through a process of roasting and even sugaring before it grinds. During this process, caffeine is preserved , with its exciting effect and activating metabolism.

But how is “normal” coffee different from green? The latter contributes something else, contains chlorogenic acid , a component that is lost with roasting. This ingredient has the following benefits.

The benefits of green coffee

  • Reduces the feeling of hunger
  • Increase the transformation of fats into energy thanks to its thermogenic effect.
  • It is anti-cellulite. Due to its draining effect, it helps to eliminate accumulated fat in the hips and thighs, so it is recommended as anti-cellulite.

Green coffee helps lose weight: myth or reality?

To date, there is no study that ensures the relationship of chlorogenic acid in green coffee with weight loss. For this reason, however promising it may seem, it would be a mistake to follow a diet of weight loss focused exclusively on the consumption of green coffee.

So, what’s the use of green coffee? It is just another supplement that can be incorporated into a balanced diet to help the functioning of the metabolism.

How should you drink green coffee?

  • We can take it in infusions. For this, some grains are left boiling in water for 10 minutes.
  • Another way is by capsules. In the package leaflet it indicates the quantities and recommended doses, (usually they are twice a day). In any case, it is not recommended to take any supplement without the advice of a professional.
  • You can also grind it and let it infuse for five minutes. Although the ground coffee is also sold.
  • It is NOT advisable to take the infusion at night, (like “normal” coffee), since caffeine takes away sleep. Green coffee has less caffeine than roasted coffee, but it is still a potent stimulant.

Now that we know the truth, if you want to lose weight, the ideal is to prepare a diet in a balanced way with the help of a professional. This has to contain all the nutrients necessary for the metabolism to work, and remember: you should not focus only on green coffee.

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