Go to the beach with your baby and not stay in the attempt

Go to the beach with your baby and not stay in the attempt

Go to the beach without forgetting anything is not easy, because just imagine how are the preparations beach to spend a few hours with family when babies involved. If you just like mom or your brand new baby will first go to the beach , pay attention to the advice we indicate today to refresh yourself in safely on the beach .

What not to miss in your beach bag

Not all children are equal and especially if it ‘s the first time you take your child to the beach must be prepared for any child ‘s reaction to the scene of the beach . If the child is under 6 months should not be exposed to the sun , so it is very important that can be covered under an umbrella and wear it with very light clothing of natural and breathable fabrics like cotton. If the baby is already somewhat older you’ll just go well prepared with all or almost all the items on this list that you’ll have a fun day at the beach family. You dare? ?

  1. Umbrellas and caps : The sun ‘s rays affect us all, but smaller skin is much more sensitive to any external aggression, so even if you protect your baby cream should not abuse the sun. An umbrella or a tent can provide the shade they need the little ones to be protected from the sun.
  2. Sunscreen : Babies few months does not recommend takingto the beach if we can not have them covered, as your sensitive skin can burn very easily and untarles of sunscreen is not a good solution when the handyman in the mouth are put into all times. From 6 months baby, put protective approximately 20 minutes before reaching the beach and repeated every 2 hours. Test before the cream on your skin to prevent allergic reactions present when youon the beach.
  3. Water is very important notforget to take water for everyone. The heat makes us sweat more and so we more easily dehydrated. It carries plentywater and waterrich foods like fruit and juices.
  4. Beach toys : As you do not know if the baby will react with fear of water or if you feel uncomfortable with the sand , we recommend you to take some beach toys as cubes to make sandcastles, shovels and rakes to play with sand. It can also be a good idea to take an inflatable pool if you prefer sitting in the water instead of sitting in the sand. If it’s a baby movidito you will be fine to have several alternatives for not quickly get tired of playing the same.
  5. Diapers Bathing Suit : When the babyfun getting wet on the shore these diapers swimsuit you’ll find PromoFarma.com are ideal for enjoying the beach. Take a few spares and to have not run out during the day onbeach.
  6. Wipes : This is a must for every mom because anytime your baby, on the beach or elsewhere, may needcleaned and protected from moisture . Diaper changes or even wipe his face after eating will protect the skin contributing freshness and freeing him from germs .
  7. Cream culito : As we saw this week in the articles he wrote Pharmacy Can Boada in section Pharmacy Blogger, the pasta water is a product thathelp keep the butt of your baby always protected from irritation and redness typical of constant diaper changes . When we add moisture seawater, requiring special attention and alwaysprepared to hydrate and clean your ass with the best products for your skin.
  8. Spare clothes : Like everyone else , after spending the day on the beach you need dry clothes and then go eat or leave for home. Do not forget to add the clothes spare your beach bag and prevents walking with wet bathing suit, as it may irritate the skin .

Everything your baby needs to go to the beach and families to enjoy the hottest days of summer you can find in PromoFarma.com . Whatyou waiting for cool this summer?

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