Get rid of nasal congestion and breathe!

Get rid of nasal congestion and breathe!

Each year the cold attacked us with sneezing, sore throat, headache, malaise, etc. But certainly the most annoying cold symptom is nasal congestion . It is now in winter when we have more chances of getting infected, and the truth is that nobody wants to live with a stuffy nose right?

How many times have happened that you can not breathe at night, you can not drop the handkerchief throughout the day and the appearance of your nose is anything but pretty thing? It is in those moments when I would have a miracle solution: Get rid of that uncomfortable cold.

What is nasal congestion?

It occurs when there is a blockage of the nasal passages , usually when the membrane that lines the inside of the nose and blood vessels become inflamed, causing sensation of obstruction and mucus dripping and sneezing. It is a nuisance that is most noticeable at night, when going to sleep and respiratory distress that makes sleep quality is affected. And why do we sneeze? Sneezing is a reflex that protects against infection. The body detects the virus and performs a reflex action to remove it .

Check out these tips we give you to prevent colds and nasal congestion, or reduce your symptoms if you’ve already caught. You will see how your life a little easier is:

  1. Seawater . For centuries it has been used seawater to cure or ameliorate symptoms of infections or allergies in the respiratory tract and throat. Management seawater spray helps combat nasal congestion. Seawater has all the minerals needed by the body, so that not only moisturizes the nasal mucosa but acts as reminiscence and strengthens the defenses of the affected area.
  2. Phytotherapy . When we suffer nasal congestion hydration is very important to evacuate mucus. Any infusion or hot soup are good cures for colds. Vahos eucalyptus, chamomile tea or Echinacea are excellent remedies to open the airways and cope with nasal congestion. An infusion of ginger is one of the best natural remedies that exist for these cases. Green tea or thyme are also very beneficial plants to combat congestion. If you add them a little lemon juice and honey, the effect will be greater.
  3. To maintain adequate nutrition . Although we must maintain good nutrition throughout the year, during a cold is especially advisable to take fruits and vegetables, eat a good breakfast in the morning and drink plenty of fluids . A curious fact: in many cultures spicy are used to reduce congestion. Add black or red pepper to chicken soup can help open the sinuses, allowing decrease inflammation of the nose. Many spicy foods like curries, Chinese soups, some Mexican dishes … may contain peppers and spices that can help relieve congestion.
  4. Sleep and rest . Although the nights are the worst of a cold, it is precisely when our body fights infection. Sleep prevents colds , because if sleep quality is poor, there is also more likely to suffer from colds.

So you know, take care, rest from 7 to 8 hours, eat healthy, drink liquids and playing sports. It’s the best way to keep the virus away!

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