Get fabulous masks with your carnival mask!

Get With Your fabulous masks carnival mask!

With Carnival just around the corner in we are already thinking about costumes and rúas. Starting today and February 2 until February 16 suggest you join our masquerade ball on Instagram . If you upload a funny photo with your mask you could win a complete pack of Masks of FACIALDERM to look pretty face.

The masked balls originated in the late fifteenth century medieval European courts. Later they spread to other social classes, although his organization used to always rely on the higher social classes. The masked balls thus became a way for the procession outside the impositions of the time. However, the anonymity of masks also resulted in black episodes as the assassination of King Gustav III of Sweden in the hands of a noble and gave rise to the famous opera by Giuseppe Verdi Un ballo in maschera.

Do you join our dance?

To participate, you just need to follow these easy steps:

  1. Follow us on instagram @promofarma
  2. Take a picture chula with a mask .
  3. Share it on your Instagram with the hashtag #pontelamascara , etiquétanos @promofarma and tell us what you go disfrazad @ .
  4. You’re now engaged! Wait till you see the winner and enjoy looking at the pictures of other participants?

For more information, click  here and you will access to full legal contest.

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