Get an instant lift with creams and blisters flash

Get an instant lift creams and blisters With flash

During this time many of us started having major events and special occasions when we want to be perfect. To achieve this we can use flash blisters and lifting effect creams that will repair our skin and give the face a smooth look young within minutes.

What are flash blisters and what are they?

The flash blisters are a powerful topical anti – aging product that is applied directly to the face, and provides the skin with immediate visible results. Thanks to its formulation based Vitamin C , help synthesize components such as collagen or elastin, which are essential to keep our skin youthful.

The flash blisters leave an instant lifting effect , smoothing the skin, filling wrinkles and providing great smoothness and brightness, and left a great feeling of firmness in the face.

There are many flash blisters properties and different results, since not all facial blisters produce an immediate flash effect, or act in the same way, so you must decide if you need a facial treatment with ampoules, or otherwise only you want to give the skin a lifting effect.

In addition to blisters with flash effect there are other facial products such as creams rejuvenating botox effect  that will bring strength to face and smoothed skin within minutes. These rejuvenating creams are particularly suitable for dry and damaged skin , as feed to the deeper layers of the skin, while reducing the signs of aging. Thanks to these creams with lifting effect you can repair dry or damaged skin, in addition to maintaining a  youthful and radiant face longer.

Most of these flash blisters have tensile properties, smoothing and wrinkle fillers, that will leave your firm, smooth skin and lit throughout the day. Thanks to blisters with flash effect can reduce the signs of aging in just a few minutes, such as wrinkles or the first signs of aging . To properly choose the type of flash treatment perfect for us must know the skin type and needs of our face.


With flash blisters will get an immediate lifting effect, with visible results in just a few minutes, illuminating his face, reaffirming the skin and reducing the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines while reducing dryness and facial tautness when the skin begins to lose flab and firmness.

The flash blisters can be applied both on the face and neck and chest , also providing these areas instant lifting effect, which likewise provide the bust firmness and softness, in addition to clearing small wrinkles that occur in the neck with step weather.


5 Benefits of flash blisters:

  1. Provide firmness and luminosity for 24 H
  2. Activate the synthesis of collagen and elastin
  3. They leave a great feeling of wellness, smoothness and softness to the skin
  4. They have anti-fatigue and revitalizing effect on the face
  5. Reduce the visibility of wrinkles and lines

Not all facial ampoules contain the same properties, not all of them are blisters flash effect, so you must differentiate between flash blisters and treatment, as antioxidant antiaging blisters or used regularly to delay and prevent skin aging .

What is the difference between flash blisters and blisters treatment?

As discussed above, the flash blisters are not a long-term treatment, if not a facial product with immediate lifting effect, although this result is ephemeral, since its effect will fade after day. Why its use for special occasions or events where we need to be perfect is recommended.

Unlike flash blisters, facial blisters that are used as standard treatment, they contain essential elements for our skin, such as hyaluronic acid , which help fight free radicals that cause skin aging. These facial blisters are everyday, and every morning should be applied before facial cream with these blisters the skin , you will provide a complete facial anti – aging treatment that will help prevent wrinkles and reduce fine lines.


Using the flash blisters

To properly use flash blisters you should know how to apply them to the skin, and the steps you need to take to that effect is always desired. Before applying, you should clean your face thoroughly, avoiding remaining impurities that may counteract the lifting produced by blisters with flash effect effect.

Tips for using the flash blisters

  • Clean the face before applying the flash blisters
  • Shake the vial before use flash
  • Spread the product on the palm and apply on the face with fingertips, giving light taps that will help reactivate blood circulation .
  • Perform a gentle facial massage while applying the ampoule flash, making circles from the inside to the outside of the face.
  • In applying the flash blisters on the neck and décolleté we should also do so with upward movements , which will prevent sagging area.
  • Let the skin absorb the product completely before applying makeup to achieve a perfect result.


In cases of very dry skin, it is advisable to apply some kind of serum or facial moisturizer after flash blister, thus the skin will be fully nourished and hydrated, giving a perfect look to the face.

Join and the flash effect!

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