Forget everything you know about medical software: know the alternative in this guide!

Forget everything you know about medical software: know the alternative in this guide!

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Currently, the technology always appears as the solution to most problems that companies face. And in the case of offices, for example, this technology appears through medical software, the system that really allows you to put “its house in order”, say. Through its fully useful features, these systems improve customer service, facilitate the storage of information related to the patient and streamline the internal processes of an office or clinic.

These and many other benefits arise from the moment you implement a medical software in his office, going to save time and especially money. Right away, the office is replaced by:

  • Increased security of patient data and office;
  • More flexibility in the search for specific information;
  • Integration with other areas of the office;
  • Better control of the medical history of patients.

They are definitely quite advantageous software for any office.

However, when choosing a medical software often health professionals opt for common systems and forget to measure how truly beneficial the system in question will be for the office. The truth is that in years of research in our field, we found that only an electronic medical record software will not solve their problems. You need a system that simplifies the daily tasks and that mainly delivered satisfactory results at the end of each day.

You may think you already know everything about medical software since read many posts spread on the internet and has already informed about everything and also already know the main functions that a good system for clinics and offices should have. Maybe you started reading this post thinking it will be just more of the same. However, it’s this change your thinking , because today’s post will make you forget everything you know about medical software and change the way you see the medical systems.

Let’s do it by steps! So first we’ll show you some things we discovered over not only research, but also experiences with health professionals and systems for clinics. Come on?


1. The role management system is faster and more practical than many medical systems available on the market

No, you did not read it wrong! If you came here believing that we would exalt the medical systems on the market, this is undoubtedly a very harsh statement to face.

It is very hard to face the fact that the electronic medical record systems have come to make our lives easier by scanning any type of information, thus eliminating all the paperwork of a common office. But if these systems have come to facilitate our lives, such as the role-based management is still faster and practice? As we said at the beginning of the post, going by parts …

Before medical software, arrange the paperwork of an office was really hard and tiring. When a former patient returned to the doctor or clinic, it was a damned hard to locate your file and your medical history, after all, in the midst of so much evil paperwork organized, really gets tough, is not it?

And with the emergence of medical software, the main promise was to eliminate all this paperwork in order to save time. However, if we stop to count the time spent with a professional all the paperwork in time to take some medical systems professional, we can conclude that these software consume even longer than the old paper-based management.

little intuitive screens, dozens of mandatory fields to be filled and very complicated functions to use are largely responsible for taking that time.

Obviously, it’s very sad, but at the same time is a statement that makes it clear how much that a common medical software can complicate your life further.


2. Medical Systems usually are not developed by doctors

This is a very common thought when it comes to medical systems, but it is surely a correct thought, after all, it is obvious that the doctors do not understand programming. Of course, behind a medical software actually behind any currently available software, there will always be programmed involved.

However, the fact develop software for offices without the participation of a health professional is the major problem here. Who better than the doctor himself to say what he really needs in a software? It may seem silly, but have a doctor participating in the construction of a medical management system will result in an incredible system that will provide the best experience possible.

If you could develop your own medical software now, you would add to it all you would really need, is not it? We are sure it would benefit him more than any other software available in the market, after all, you know your needs and what problems you face every day.

So it is extremely important that a doctor participate in the development of software that will later be used by many other doctors.


3. Some software complicate your routine rather than facilitate it

Streamline processes and eliminate clutter is one of the promises that developers love to point out when it comes to your medical software. However, in practice things do not work as well …

Some software come with their default settings, meaning you can not change them easily and in some cases there is no possibility to change them. In some electronic medical record systems you can not choose which fill the field because the system requires you to fill in ALL, even unnecessary.

This results in long minutes filling out fields in paper management system, for example, you simply ignore. Now imagine repeating this every time you meet a new patient? No doubt, those annoying actions would consume much of your time, resulting in a big problem at the end of the month.

Also, for some unknown reason, some medical systems block certain actions on their agendas, scheduling two patients at the same time, for example. Again it may seem silly and it does not make much sense for developers, but for us it is extremely necessary .


3 areas where the medical software can help you that you did not know

When it comes to medical software, of course the first thought to come to mind is a program that scans documents and information, enabling better safety information and increased productivity in an office. Of course, it is nonetheless true. However, with the advancement of technology, today you can find medical software that help in several other areas.

Now that you’ve seen that a common medical software is slower than the management system on paper, which is usually developed without the involvement of a physician and which also complicates your routine rather than facilitate it, we’ll show you the 3 areas where the medical software can help you that you had no idea, areas which a common medical software can nOT help you , of course.


1. Digital Marketing

Regardless of your area of expertise, much of the time you are performing their functions, which in turn prevents you from investing in the future of your doctor ‘s office: we are talking about digital marketing .

Digital marketing is one of the best marketing strategies to attract more patients for clinical and hence double your sales.

And yes, a medical software can help you create a scratch digital marketing strategy for your office! In the medical software market, there are some systems that offer the feature marketing module , as well as courses for you perfectly understand the strategy to execute it with excellence.

When integrated into the marketing module, a medical software allows a simple way and fast to create a medical website and a blog for your office, helping to execute the strategy in order to create quality content that will attract , win and retain . All this through a feature in the same software that you store the medical history of their patients, the information from your office, etc.


2. Relationship With Patient

Resources to improve the relationship between the doctor and the patient are now available in more complete medical software, feature which is lacking in common systems .

Using the most modern systems, you can send automatic reminders via SMS or e-mails to their patients. You can use either tool to remind your patients of their respective appointments or even to create a good relationship through messages on special occasions such as the anniversary of each of them, Christmas or New Year parties. They are simple actions, but that show how his office cares about each of his patients. And you know how your patients like to feel special, right?

You can also use both tools to improve the relationship in the post-consultation, sending emails or SMS after consultation, reminding patients about the best practices and reinforcing the importance of the return of the patient.


3. Financial Management

Maintain financial management in day should be a priority in any business and it would be no different in your doctor’s office. However, due to the rush of day to day of a doctor, you may not give due attention to the finances of his office. However, do not keep financial control can directly affect the growth of your office and, in addition, prevent you from attracting more patients.

The good news is that modern medical software now also offer a financial module integrated medical agenda, which greatly facilitates financial management, especially due to the automation of cash flow and cash book .

Once you complete a query and give OK in the software medical agenda, regarding the query value is launched automatically on cash flow, thereby facilitating their financial control and preventing inaccurate values are released.

A medical software can definitely help you in time to register and access the financial data of your office. Thus, the control of your finances is in days, allowing you to make decisions based on updated information.

Sure, you had no idea that features like these can now be found in a modern medical software, is not it? So instead of choosing any software out there, opt for systems that offer these features, which will help you better manage your practice and achieve the dream success.


What exactly a medical software must have to be considered a modern and comprehensive medical management system?

A modern and complete medical software is not necessarily the one system that offers marketing module , financial module and tool and -mail marketing and reminders via SMS . To be considered modern and complete, it should go beyond that. So what a medical software really need to have?


1. Usability

Simple interface , screens easy to navigate and self – explanatory menus. The fewer clicks you need to give the software to switch from one function to another, more practical is its management. A lot of information on the screen and confusing interface mean many clicks, which can increase the time to perform a simple task.

The simpler your software interface, the faster you will learn to use the system, thereby optimizing the processes of his office in no time.


2. Cloud Storage

If you adopt an offline medical software, which is installed on the computer of your office through a CD, like any other software, you are regressing. If you use a local medical system in his office computer, it means that when you need to access some information about the office or on a specific patient, you will have to scroll to your doctor’s office.

Therefore, to avoid this coming and going, you should opt for a web-based medical management software (cloud), which allow you to access the system anytime and from anywhere – just only be connected to the Internet. Your data and information will no longer trapped on your computer from your office. With a medical software in the cloud, they are always available for remote access .

In addition, the cloud storage system ensures that your data and information is completely safe, both through encryption technology – used in banks – as backups performed daily.


3. Intelligent Statistics

Without a medical software that offers intelligent statistics , you will have to analyze medical records for medical records to monitor some data, such as the evolution of symptoms and diagnosis, for example. Already with a medical management software that offers intelligent statistics, the information is updated automatically after being inserted into the electronic medical record, which facilitates the monitoring .

Moreover, with the statistics feature, you can get other information such as rate of faults, number of insured and private patients, average age of their patients as well as health problems that appear more in the consultations.

Anyway, now that you know the areas in which a medical software can help you in addition to the administrative management, as well as a medical system must have to be considered modern and complete, it’s time to introduce you the real alternative to medical software common! Follow us now!


Forget Common Medical Software and Know Now iMedicina!

There are many choices of medical software in the market, some simple, others free and professionals. Each is promoted in a different way, but a very common feature among them is the heavy focus on functionality . Most developers promote their systems as innovative solutions, but what we actually see in practice are different systems, but with the same features.

When we decided to develop iMedicina – our medical software – we chose to follow a different path. With a medical staff in assisting in the development of software and over 40,000 health professionals collaborating with our research, we realized that the medical software market is spotty, especially by the fact that professionals are faced with the same systems.

Because of this, we have established that our medical software would be a really innovative system and complete . Of course, we also offer the standard features you find in other medical software, such as electronic medical records, for example. However, the difference is that in addition to these features, we offer additional features unique , which you only find in iMedicina .

We believe that what really won our customers was that of developing a medical software with the participation of a physician. This enabled us to create for iMedicina quite useful resources for their profession, features which optimize their processes, automate tasks and facilitate their management.


A Medical Software For Managing your Office!

The iMedicina is a software that goes beyond the electronic medical record tool. This is because we understand that service is just one of the concerns of their day-to-day. The routine practice involves scheduling appointments, financial and administrative management, registration of new patients, employee management and more!

A complete software like iMedicina , need help in each of these areas.

In addition to our system online scheduling and financial module , the iMedicina offers the feature task manager , where you can manage your employees, adding tasks in the system and assigning them to their charge, and track the progress of each one of them in real time.


Agenda Medical Integrated with Scheduling System

In surveys conducted with our customer base, we found that one of the biggest problems of doctors and clinics is with appointment scheduling. Among the most common situations, the biggest complaints revolved around some intuitive software that made it difficult , and add or delete appointments .

Therefore, one of our priorities was to develop a scheduling module simple, intuitive and flexible. In iMedicina , you schedule your appointments with a few clicks, drags a query for a day and / or different time, increases or decreases the duration of consultations and more. It’s definitely an easy to use resource that will organize the best possible way to their commitments with their patients.


Quality service and support

Within the iMedicina, we have an educational background with more than 30 video tutorials to help you better meet our medical management software . In addition, we have a support team trained to serve you the best way possible and, especially, as soon as possible. You can talk directly with our consultants and inform their doubts and difficulties.


Financial control

With the Medical CashFlow the iMedicina , you can make the financial management of his office in a simple and very practical way. Once a query is complete and you give Ok in the system, the amount related to it will be automatically released on cash flow. In addition, you can also register in the system your expenses. When entering values, do your iMedicina automatically cash flow .


Electronic Patient Record (PEP)

Have you noticed that some software require some unnecessary fields of electronic medical records are completed? Would not it be better if you could choose which fields to fill? Yeah, we think so too!

The electronic medical record iMedicina bet that less is more . Less clicks , fewer fields and no mandatory fields , you choose what you want to fill, resulting in more time , time which you can devote to other tasks.


So, are you waiting for? Know iMedicina!

As you may have noticed, the iMedicina is unlike any other common medical software. We are not only a system that will organize their roles. We go much beyond that ! We offer in our system all that you need to make the administrative and financial management of his office, productively manage their staff, improve customer service, attract more private patients, double your monthly billing and more!

If all we have said here somehow generated interest in you, it is a sign that it’s time for you to change to a modern system or, if you have not even adopt its first medical software and enjoy the benefits of having a .

What’s up? Is ready to double your sales, achieve financial stability and finally stop relying covenant? So now know the iMedicina ! Contact here with one of our consultants and clarify their doubts, if any.

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