Find out everything about São Camilo Hospital, a reference in Brazilian health.

Find out everything about St. Camillus Hospital, a reference in Brazilian health.

Have knowledge about good hospitals is essential for anyone concerned with  health . In times when there is medical need, know where the service will offer the needed recovery is what will ensure the fastest restoration of vitality.

The Hospital São Camilo is a medical center with a flawless structure, various specialties available and all the essential resources to treat their patients. If you search a hospital I can trust, continue reading this article and learn all about this institution that is a reference in Brazilian health.

How did the Hospital São Camilo?

The history of the hospital began in 1922, when it was founded the doctor’s office St. Camillus, for the care of the poor, with the volunteer doctors and the Ladies of St. Camillus, responsible for getting funds to keep the institution .

From there it was possible to expand the business, then created the Polyclinic San Camilo, current Hospital São Camilo Pompeia, a reference in Brazil, and then two more units. Achievements mainly achieved by the commitment and respect for people are always first in this institution.

That structure has the hospital?

The Hospital São Camilo is modern, complete and well structured. Has a ready adults and children help to be urgent and emergency situations, individual offices for consultations, surgery center with technological equipment – which allows performing surgeries with different levels of complexity – the post-anesthetic recovery room beds for admission that provide safety and comfort for patients and caregivers.

In addition, it also has a well equipped ICU with continuous monitoring, blood bank and places to exams and x-rays, significantly increasing their service capacity.

What specialties available at the hospital?

The hospital offers cardiology, surgery, including plastic and vascular, Gastroenterology, Geriatrics, Neurology, Oncology, Ophthalmology , Orthopedics, Pediatrics , bone marrow transplant – leading specialty – and Urology.

It also multidisciplinary team responsible for the areas of nursing, physical therapy, speech therapy, nutrition, among others.

What services are offered?

The hospital offers hospitalizations, doctor visits, performing check-up , care women’s health , surgical budgets, first aid, wound care and skin care. All these services are performed with quality and excellence.

Why the bone marrow transplant is a highlight?

The Bone Marrow Transplant Center (TMO) of St. Camillus Hospital Unit of Pompeii is one of 29 centers authorized by the Ministry of Health to carry out any type of transplant of this kind.

The hospital’s major differential is the joint work of the patient’s hematologist doctor with the BMT Center staff and National Register of Donors (Radome) and also receivers (Rereme).

Professionals are prepared to travel anywhere, inside or outside the country, quickly, to find compatible marrow and have the experience of performing about 500 transplants.

What is the social responsibility work in the hospital?

Social responsibility of the institution is contained in the various actions performed to benefit the internal staff, patients and the general public. For example, the process of selective collection of waste, which enables material recycling, combating waste of food , health care officials and campaigns for the prevention of breast cancer and prostate cancer, in which they are carried out blitz for informational leafleting, interview with medical staff of doctors to address the issue and dissemination on the radio.

As professionals, Hospital São Camilo are trained and qualified?

The hospital offers courses with different themes for professionals from different areas, allowing training and professional development. Courses are held in Simulation and Research Center’s own medical center, which has a high-tech infrastructure, ample space and seeks to enable participants simulating the different situations that can arise in hospitals.

Which celebrities have already been admitted to the Hospital São Camilo?

The Hospital São Camilo has hosted Marly Marley actress, who was a cancer in the pancreas and liver and required hospitalization for his recovery, the show’s stage assistant Silvio Santos, Gonzalo Roque, for treating bronchitis, and more recently the actor Luiz Henrique Bonincasa, interpreter of character Mamma Bruschetta, when he was stricken with a skin infection.

Why it is a humanized institution?

The hospital is concerned with the valuation of the human being, therefore, it takes into account the particularities of each patient, making the moments in the pleasant hospital environment, which contributes to recovery faster.

For this, has differentiated transport the child to the operating room, playroom, performs celebration of birthdays hospitalized and allows even the visit of pets when there is medical clearance.

What mission of the Hospital São Camilo?

The hospital has the mission of humanization, safety and quality to promote the health of the patient, through the knowledge and appreciation of life. Commitment that has been established since its founding and remains fulfilled to this day.

The San Camillo Hospital really is a good choice?

If you are a person who cares for their well-being and his family, the Hospital São Camilo is a great choice when they need care for health recovery, especially when the NHS is a little option considered or when there is no interest depend on this system.

The institution has full support for their patients, advanced equipment, qualified staff, good structure, respect for human beings and many years of experience and credibility.

Why is one of the best hospitals in Brazil?

Since its founding, the institution remains preserved exceptional values ​​that stand out. The provision of health care without distinction as to race, social class or religion, excellence in service, monitoring of scientific and technological advances facing medicine, trained professional staff and all available resources make the Hospital São Camilo be a Brazilian reference.

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