Family spending on baby diapers

Family spending on baby diapers

Diapers are the main expense. Find out how to save them.

Undoubtedly the joys that motherhood brings more than compensate for the inconvenience, but spending generated by babies is something to keep in mind to make good planning.

The clothes, food, school children … All this has an important impact on the family economy, but in this article we will focus on one of the first items and the most essential: the diaper. In addition to economic spending, diapers generate another set of problems as they are pollution, possible irritation if not suitable for the baby, etc.

Here we present some of the drawbacks of diapers along with some solution and tips that can make more bearable this topic. We started!

How much actually baby diapers?

First we must clarify that there is a world of brands that are dedicated to selling diapers, from diapers to white markings more expensive and recognizable brands TV ads. Therefore there is a wide price range, although in the case of the kids any mom will understand that saving is a factor to consider as long as it does not influence their health.

In principle we can clarify that, making a very generic average, a baby diaper spends this number depending on your age:
• From 0 to 6 months: from 7 to 9 diapers a day.
• From 6 months to 1 year: 4 to 6 diapers.
• More than 1 year: about 4 diapers a day.
From this one can calculate the expense involved per month, depending on the brand. By doing an average between different brands of diapers price, we can conclude that the monthly spending between 60 and 80 euros.

Moreover, we can not forget that spending on diapers is relative: in addition to what they cost must be added the time it takes to go for them every time, gasoline if you go by car, the possible stress and tiredness by carry packages …

How I can save on diapers?

Although spending on diapers is inevitable, today there are some alternatives to save time and money in the baby.

A good example is Nonabox, a company online subscription specializing in sending every month a selection of 6 to 9 products full size: they are customized according to age and sex of the baby from pregnancy to two years old, thus helping to new moms with motherhood. Every Nonabox is received costs a lot less? (I think you mean more no?) Of what you pay for it!

Intending to continue helping new mothers with maternity Nonabox recently launched a new subscription diaper can choose them normal or biodegradable, non-polluting and baby skin care.

Registration is online and is that they receive monthly all the baby needs diapers throughout the month. The order comes directly home with the right size for small-and no shipping! A great way to forget and go buy diapers loaded again and again.

We hope this information will help you to plan your family budget and invest well in your babies, They deserve the best!

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