Exercises for a firm chest

Exercises for a firm chest

The chest area is a very delicate and very difficult to maintain. Breasts are mainly fat tissue and muscles that are not so dependent sujeten elasticity and firmness to stand straight. However, the muscles go under, the pectoralis major, if they can be worked and thus avoid any fall.

Today we will see some tips to always have a firm chest :
Use special bras for large sizes and invests in good marcas.Si you going to do sport, used sports bras for large breasts, and try them jumping or moving sharply in the tester (although you think have you gone mad) Follow your instincts. Your breasts are different from those of your friends and not have to go well the model them subject to them.

  1. Alternating the cold showers , hold for one or two minutes focusing the shower head on the chest area, and circles to promote circulation.
  2. Try making homemade firming masks with apple pulp or pineapple pulp mixed with yogurt and yeast or evidence cream specific to reaffirm the chest.
  3. Avoid sudden weight loss because they are the worst enemy of the skin. And if they are unavoidable (pregnancy diet, etc.) applies massages with very moisturizing creams oils after bathing.
  4. In addition, a number of exercise to do at home that can help prevent falling chest. Let’s see.

For starters, meeting the palms of the hands up to her breasts as if you were praying, at the height of the shoulders and pressed for 10 seconds. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

As a second exercise gets each elbow with the opposite hand (as if you danced a Russian dance) and pressed outwards. Notice how the pectoral muscles move. Do 50 repetitions of pressure for 5 minutes.

Finally, try to swim twice a week . Any style is good but the best model are the crol chest and back. If you go swimming, you can skip the rest of the exercises because in a few months you will notice how your chest changes and you may lose a bra size.

Finally, you should bear in mind that if you’re jumpy sports (aerobics, running, step, etc.) you should wear good support. If you like to practice, try using a special bra or wearing a top sport over the sports bra to increase reinforcement.

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