Ethical Medical Marketing: What are Best Practices According to the Medical Advertising Guide of CRM?

Ethical Medical Marketing: What are Best Practices According to the Medical Advertising Guide of CRM?

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You’ve probably heard someone saying that the medical marketing in our medical field is not something accepted by the Regional Council of Medicine (CRM) and should not be practiced, is not it? Well, we have all heard this, but this statement is not entirely true. There is the practice of ethical medical marketing that is accepted by the CRM and brings no problem for you or your office!

CRM actually imposes some rules on the matter, saying things that may or may not be made when it comes to ethical medical marketing, all planning on keeping the most free market lies and deception. Knowing how to properly use advertising and disclosures, you will not have problems with CRM and you may have many benefits for your work.

But what exactly are the indications and contraindications made by CRM? Thinking about this question that just showing up for all of us, we have prepared this quick medical advertising guide that will give you some tips of what to do or not do and how to maintain its ethical medical marketing truth!


Not be called the best or only

The greater role of CRM is to keep things clear, with express rules on practices that could mislead their patients. Then, thinking about it, it’s always good to keep your ethical medical marketing very clear and realistic! Do hype to gain greater attention of your audience is not something well accepted in CRM.

Say things like “my office is the best in this area” or “here is the only place you can find such service” are two bad offenses to be avoided forever! This type of speech not part of facts or data and can be seen as a way of trying to deceive their patients. So, never use expressions like these!


Do not use sensational pictures

By the same principle that you should not use the expressions said earlier, avoid use of sensational images! Photos that appear aspects of a physical illness or anything like that you can leave your troubled public, or do you believe that this is always the way that some disease is shown.

Sensationalism plays exactly with some real things, causing it to become bigger and bigger through the way you transmit, and this practice can easily be seen as a deception. So do not make use of these types of photos when doing his ethical medical marketing, always look for clarity and accuracy, avoiding the inconvenience of their patients.


Disclosure may be made in any medium!

The CRM does not limit any publication by the way it is done! You can use magazines, newspapers, television, internet, giving interviews … Any form of advertising can be ideal for your ethical medical marketing! The important thing is the content that will share in the media.

Keep in mind the above tips, always be clear in time to make this work and be as honest as possible, there is absolutely no problem in disclosing his work in any (or all) means possible! Think about the best strategy, the best way to make your ethical medical marketing and throw this idea!


Create texts for educational purposes

You know those texts that may have found the Internet, informing questions about diseases and the best way to avoid some of them? This is a well-accepted to do a good ethical medical marketing way!

Since you do not put everything as ultimate truth and not intended to diagnose anyone through text, without personally knowing the patient, these informative and educational texts are very good for the population. Having better understanding of some diseases, patients will know the time to find a doctor to get a diagnosis and may still be wary of some symptoms. Just always remember to suggest to the reader that he see a doctor, after all, this is the real purpose of texts as well.

These are just some of the tips that can help you to maintain an ethical medical marketing and according to the rules of the CRM, avoiding headaches and problems with bureaucracies. Be sure to invest in the dissemination of their work, be careful only to what can and can not do about it!

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