Documents required for medical clinics to qualify for health insurance plans

Documents required for medical clinics to qualify for health insurance plans

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Not always the enrollment in health insurance networks is simple. Sometimes, doctors are frustrated by the delay and difficulty of the process. The system can be so complex that many professionals hire specialized companies to perform the procedure. They organize and send all documentation for accreditation.

Regardless of the difficulty in some cases, the process of joining the health insurance is important to profit. Especially for young professionals entering the market with a doctor’s office. Accreditation helps to increase the number of customers. Nevertheless, if you know exactly what to do and what is the necessary documentation, the process becomes simple and fast.

There is no rule for documentation, for each health insurance requires specific items. But there is a batch of documents that everyone asks. You should start separating these to accelerate the process. Read below to find out what those documents.

necessary documentation to register a medical insurance

The documentation below is basic. This will normally the companies ask the doctors. But to ease, talk to a professional in your area who have held the accreditation to know the steps of the process.

Start separating the Articles of Association of the company. This document may be replaced by minutes used in the constitution of the doctor’s office. In the case, the last minutes of the meeting made or, if there is, the latest contract amendment.

Please have a report with all the clinic staff, including the doctors who work there. Regarding the doctor responsible for the enterprise, you must use your resume, CRM, undergraduate degree and specialization and the CPF.

About the clinic or office, the CNPJ card used must be the one with the latest possible date. Active enrollment of its clinical in CRM should also be included because it is one of the main documents. You must have the updated charter of health monitoring.

Get in the town hall where the clinic is located, registration of ISS or CCM (must be updated). This document must be accompanied by a more recent proof of payment of the ISS and the inspection fee. Take also a proof of a register at CNES, obtained for the exercise of health activity. Finally, one bank account voucher for transfers values.

The accreditation process for health insurance can be done without complications. Just you gather basic documents to start the procedure.

Conclusion on accreditation

It is important to separate these documents, as they are usually requested by all health insurance companies. But do not forget to inquire about it, since the relationship of each is subject to change. This way, you will avoid problems and stress, as they will know which specific documents are collected by the health plans where you want to be accredited.

Remember that the accreditation process in health insurance does not end here. Once accreditation is made, either in cooperative or directly with the health plan, it needs to be renewed. When established in the contract or if the company name or the office of the CCM are changed, you will need renovation.

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