Do you live in the East Zone of SP? Meet the Amil accredited network!

Do you live in the East Zone of SP? Meet the Amil accredited network!

What rating would you when choosing a health plan? The fact that it has its own network of hospitals and clinics that provide medical care first, as the accredited network Amil? The amount of offices, laboratories and accredited professionals ? The existence of medical and pharmaceutical assistance programs for international travel?

Many seek the provision of centers for prevention, diagnosis and treatment with a multidisciplinary medical team. Others follow differentials, as inter-hospital transport systems, fleet of ambulances, helicopters and jets for rescues and emergencies, as well as high-risk patient management programs.

But know that one of the nation’s largest health insurance companies offers all this and more to its insured. Want to know more about the provider network Amil, whose mission is to help people to live more healthily? Follow!

Medical Assistance Amil

Founded in 1978, Amil is a Brazilian company with healthcare experience and proven excellence in the market.

His career is inspiring: a small Nursing Home originated one of the largest health complexes in the country, in order to democratize access to high technology and quality medicine, offering humanized and comprehensive care.

accredited network Amil

Guided by values ​​such as innovation and performance, accredited network Amil has more than 1,700 hospitals, 6,600 laboratories and offices and 20,000 clinics in its coverage area.

But those who live in big cities like São Paulo, you know that there is a fundamental criterion when choosing a health plan, be it business or family : the location of the provider network in the region where you live. After all, having the convenience of being treated in your neighborhood and do not need to cross the city is an advantage that can not be ignored.

Also, rely on clinics and hospitals close to work or reside brings more security to the special agreement, knowing that in the event of accidents or emergencies will be handled promptly, without large displacements.

In the city of São Paulo , many would say that these features are not only a differential, but a new requirement of the clients who seek medical care of great quality with affordability and wide network itself or accredited nearby.

That’s why the accredited network Amil stands out in the market by offering service locations in almost all regions of São Paulo, with more convenience and ease to insured residents.

Check out some highlights of the accredited network of Amil in São Paulo East Zone, considered the second best region to live in the city:

Cema Specialized Hospital

The hospital offers medical care in the areas of:

  • ophthalmology;
  • otolaryngology;
  • sleep medicine;
  • speech therapy;
  • neurology (for pain control);
  • cardiology ;
  • dentistry;
  • nutritional guidance.

In addition to scheduled appointments, the emergency room duty 24 hours a day and has more than 250 associated doctors. The hospital even has a modern operating room and fully equipped, with capacity for 110 beds.

hospital Aviccena

A medical center with advanced hospital resources and humane care, associated with a surgical center of high complexity. Equipped with the latest technology, Aviccena is a reference in the region and accredited network Amil.

The hospital offers a wide range of examinations in diagnostic medicine, cardiac procedures, radiology and emergency care in orthopedics and general practitioners.

Maternity Hospital Paranaguá

The Paranaguá, which is part of the accredited network Amil for several years, offers one of the best structures for individual or collective admissions in the region, aiming at the recovery of patients and their well-being during treatment.

Its center diagnosis performs cardiac and laboratory tests efficiently, reliably and quickly. The operating room is equipped for low and medium complexity surgeries with integrated monitoring team in order to reduce risks , and continuously monitor the patient until his full recovery.

Maternity Hospital Santa Virginia

Considered one of the best private hospitals in the region, Santa Virginia employs highly qualified and innovative techniques in medicine to care for their patients.

Associated with a teaching and research center that works in the same building, the hospital invests in the professional development of doctors and continuous improvement of services to the population.

Concern for innovation is reflected in its social responsibility projects such as workshops psychodrama and the anti-smoking program.

Victoria Maternity Hospital

A team specializing in traumatology, a complete structure in the maternity ward (with neonatal ICU and professionals from various specialties for monitoring of pregnant women and newborns) and an adult and children’s emergency room that operates 24 hours a day. These are all advantages that make the hospital a quality model in the East Zone of São Paulo.

The patient care include room service, humanized service, online scheduling of tests and procedures and special projects maternity (such as Kangaroo Mother and Network Project).

Hospital São Luiz

The professional development center is just one of the aspects responsible for the quality of care in St. Louis. The multidisciplinary team, investments in the structure of the operating room and high standards in patient care contribute to their recognition in the market.

One of the biggest hospital of the highlights is its low hospital infection rate of around 2.3% (for comparison, the US Disease Control Center, one of the most stringent agencies in the world, has 5% index) .

Hospital Villa Lobos

Well known in the accredited network Amil, Villa Lobos is a clinical center of highly complex fully equipped to care, diagnosis, exams and surgical and therapeutic procedures. The institution has the latest equipment and serves more than 12,000 people per month.

Among the specialties offered are:

  • cardiology ;
  • bariatric surgery;
  • plastic surgery;
  • neurology;
  • oncology;
  • treatment of chronic and acute pain.

Brazilian Institute of Cancer Control

IBCC is one of the most prestigious institutions in the Brazilian medical community and has won numerous awards and quality certifications over the years. It has a modern and constantly improving structure with comfortable facilities and a conducive environment to recover.

The operating room is equipped with the latest technology and one of the rooms has a video camera to transmit live surgery. The IBCC is part of the provider network Amil attending various medical specialties such as plastic surgery, dermatology, gynecology and psychiatry.

The accredited network Amil in São Paulo East Zone offers medical care for all membership to the needs of emergency care to medical appointments in various specialties.

You can also perform simple tests and high complexity and Medical procedures in clinics and hospitals located in the main districts of the East Zone, preventing the patient needs to get around the city to take care of your health.

And you, you are already a special agreement? I knew the accredited network of Amil region? Leave a comment!


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