Do you know the differences between royal jelly and pollen?

Do you know the Differences Between royal jelly and pollen?

If you are someone who does not wait until the last minute to give a boost to your defenses and supporter are of natural medicine , surely you’ve heard that jellies are one of the best allies of your respiratory and immune system. However, if you walk a little lost with the terminology and do not know the differences between different types of jellies , pay attention to what you will have in today’s article.

Jellies and their uses in parafarmacia

As mentioned in previous articles on this blog, the apiculture products such as royal jelly  are a rich source of amino acids, minerals and other nutrients that make good  food supplements to recover energy during times of the year when we lack vitality. Furthermore, recently also it has been found that lyophilized royal jelly  is also being used in hair cosmetics , shampoos and conditioners for many advantage to nourish and repair hair fibers due to high concentration of proteins, amino acids and lipids.

On the other hand, although the pollen dry has been found that can result from high energy value for people of all ages , some studies in France have shown that our body spends much time your digestion and get assimilate only  30% of pollen ingested . To prevent remove 70% of pollen as plant fiber, we propose to mix in a teaspoon pollen grains with honey and propolis , which is commonly called  beebread Energizing . Thus what we get is that the pollen grains are broken down more easily and quickly and so decrease the amount of pollen that would discard our body.

To cope with the maximum energy this fall, thinks the benefits from taking royal jelly and pollen are very similar. You just need to watch if you do not know if you’re  allergic to pollen (before eating put it in touch on your skin and wait a few hours if you appear redness and itching), and that royal jelly can be an ideal replacement supplement. Still you have not begun to revitalize your body? Now Order your vitamins !

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